Creative co-working for the cloud: T-Systems opens CloudHub

Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems has opened its CloudHub just in time for the AWS Summit in Berlin. Here, customers work creatively with cloud experts on digital solutions for their business.

“Customers want to evaluate new offers from the wcloud faster. In the future, they will test their ideas with us in a state-of-the-art environment,” says Michael Meyer, head of the CloudHub.

The CloudHub is part of a co-working office. Employees from Amazon Web Services (AWS) also work here. In addition, there are start-ups and freelancers. The open office world has up to 40 workstations. Working in mixed groups enables a more efficient implementation of common goals. “Digitization also requires other models of collaboration,” Meyer adds. “We deliberately work differently here. We are deepening our partnerships in the CloudHub. It’s an ideal environment for our customers.”

Cloud and coffee

The coffee service provider LindenKaffee GmbH from Frankfurt am Main is one of the first customers to use the CloudHub. The company operates coffee vending machines throughout Germany. The specialists work together on a platform for billing the coffee. “Our corporate culture is based on two pillars: ecological sustainability and excellent service,” explained Managing Director Michael Linden. “This also means that we use the most modern and efficient solutions in our business,” added Co-Managing Director Sven Gessner.

At the AWS Summit itself, T-Systems will present solutions for migrating SAP services to the Amazon cloud. T-Systems provides services along the value chain to help companies deploy the public cloud. Deutsche Telekom‘s business customer division works closely with the major cloud providers Microsoft and AWS. T-Systems also offers its own Open Telekom cloud. This fulfills high data privacy requirements.