CouriersPlease picks Optus to enhance customer experience


CouriersPlease, one of Australia’s largest eCommerce and parcel delivery organisations, has migrated a significant portion of its IT vendor landscape to Optus in a five-year contract. CouriersPlease comprises over 800 franchise partners who are independent small business owners delivering goods for consumers and large enterprises making it a vital enabler for inter-business activity.

Fuelled by an increase in delivery requests from the pandemic, CouriersPlease recognised the need to be able to scale in-order to meet rising demand. However, challenges across their IT landscape needed to be addressed before the real potential could be reached.

Stuart Pritchard, Vice President of Enterprise and Government at Optus, said, “Many Australians and Australian businesses rely on CouriersPlease every day. Optus is proud to play such a critical and trusted role in the delivering a unique range of technology solutions, whether it be through our IoT solutions to track cages, or our resilient and trusted network to keep employees connected.


“CouriersPlease is a great example of a business taking a mobile first approach to streamline processes and provide a complete and positive customer and employee experience. Optus looks forward to continuing to work with CouriersPlease now and into the future.”

With such a vast network of franchise partners and staff spread across Australia, CouriersPlease needed a mobile fleet and a network that could keep them connected. In addition to network resiliency, the delivery company needed a way to integrate various solutions that allowed online systems to work effectively with each other together. With the increase in demand came additional demand on their customer support centre which then needed additional IT support.

Mihir Medhekar, Acting Chief Transformation Officer at CouriersPlease said, “As CouriersPlease embarks on our transformation journey we require the right partner to support our growth ambitions. Optus has come to the table with fresh & innovative thinking which has allowed CouriersPlease to not only revamp our IT landscape but also allow us to re-imagine & enhance our customer & consumer experience along the way.

“This key strategic partnership with Optus is the first step in our goal to become Australia’s fastest growing parcel delivery franchise, driving profitable franchises and providing a better delivery experience for Australian consumers.”

CouriersPlease is now leveraging end-to-end IT support from a range of Optus-led technology services including internet, managed Fortinet SD-WAN with Cisco switching and Wi-Fi, Enterprise Telephony through Microsoft Teams Calling, Managed Contact Centre, corporate mobile fleet, Managed Azure, Azure Consumption, Office 365 licensing and the service management and support which helped to streamline operations.

Separately, CouriersPlease also partnered with Optus to deploy SMS Gateway, IOT Cage Tracking and the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) for their contact centre.