Content Ideas For Restaurant Social Media Accounts


A restaurant differs from a burger, cafe, or diner in that it has a specific concept. It is often called “the atmosphere of the place” – this sum comprises the interior, the chef’s work, service, dishes, and their presentation.

When marketing your restaurant through social channels, it is this atmosphere that should be broadcast. The social media website of restaurants is no different in type from the rest of the accounts. This can be achieved through advertising, engaging, entertaining, informational posts, and stories.

In this article, we are taking a look at the types of content you can create for your restaurant that can boost your marketing efforts. But don’t limit yourself only to social media: there are various marketing channels you can implement these ideas in. 

What Types of Content Can You Use?

The choice of the content type determines the formats and categories of the future content plan:

Sponsored posts are centered around showcasing the establishment’s values. They are about the menu, the chef, the interior, and other benefits for the guest.

Engaging content is built around games and should encourage you to leave a comment or take action.

Entertaining content is the content type that allows you to take your mind off the theme of the establishment and relax. Humor, jokes, fun facts, and stories are all here.

News posts are built around announcements – their goal is to convey information to subscribers: they have opened in a new area, the menu has been updated, and there will be a show in the evening.

Ideally, it is better to combine all types of content but make the direct stake in posts on advertising and engaging, and in stories – informational and entertaining. But, of course, there are no clear rules for proportions – experiment, check and follow the trends on social media marketing. 


The menu is the primary weapon of any restaurant, and food is one of the five most popular types of content on Instagram. Therefore, the appearance of this type of content first on our list is more than justified. Each season brings new flavors and new ingredients to the restaurant menu. Introduce them to subscribers by showing bright, mouth-watering photos of new dishes. Make them feel overwhelming hunger, intrigue them with unusual combinations and get ready to meet on your doorstep.


Social media contests remain one of the best ways to interact with your audience. Thanks to them, a restaurant can increase account subscribers, increase subscriber engagement, and create publications with a sizable viral reach.

Instagram Polls

If you want a closer interaction with your audience and need your posts not to go unnoticed, then welcome to Stories. The daily audience of stories is already 400 million people, and this figure is only growing. Using polls, you can remind yourself more often (which is vital in itself if you are engaged in advertising) and get a ready-made marketing tool for researching public opinion. Questions can be made both with answer options and with free-form answers. If you do not have enough visual content in your hands, just create food-related content. The opportunities are endless: you can ask your followers questions about watermelon nutrition facts in the form of a quiz and then tell a bit about those benefits and what desserts with watermelon you have in your menu. This can be done for many different products.


Your employees are one of the main assets of your business and the real stars of the restaurant. Highlight their talents, showcase skill and personality. Make the first-time visitor look in the hall with his eyes for the very people he remembered from your restaurant accounts.


If the search for ideas for content suddenly stumbles upon a concrete wall and the creative crisis makes itself felt – do not despair: there are always many themes around that you can beat. In many cases, it will even do you good.