Connectivity Wireless, JMA Enable Angel Stadium Private CBRS Network Pilot


Connectivity Wireless, a leading system integrator, and JMA, an innovator of 4G and 5G software-based technology, announced it will deploy a private LTE network using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA.

The Angels will trial the OnGo ecosystem to create secure, dedicated wireless communications on demand, making the stadium one of the nation’s first major sports venues authorized for commercial deployment of a private network using the new CBRS 3.5GHz spectrum.

In partnership with Connectivity Wireless and JMA, Angel Stadium has begun testing their private network with expectations to maximize connectivity by powering critical support systems such as retail tracking, point of sale systems, ticket/access systems, high definition cameras, digital displays and secure internal communications. The network will define 10MHz bandwidth lanes, each providing up to 75 Megabits per second. Using private and dedicated spectrum will enable critical support systems to operate independent of public WiFi and cellular networks.

“Connectivity Wireless and JMA will work with us to realize the potential of owning and deploying our own private network with the security and control we desire, giving us end to end ownership and flexibility,” said Al Castro, Director of Information Services at Angels Baseball LP. “The OnGo ecosystem ecosystem will enable our vision to deliver a best-in-class fan experience.”

Connectivity Wireless is deploying the private network trial on behalf of the stadium as well as providing selection, installation, integration and operation of the OnGo service. Device partners were also added to complete the private, connected solution, including Federated Wireless acting as Spectrum Access System (SAS) controller, Athonet Cloud Enhanced Packet Core (EPC), and Athonet Edge Node.

“CBRS offers greater security, lower latency and the ability to focus on local customer needs,” said Nader Famili, Senior Vice President of Technology. “The Angels are making a strategic investment that will help them provide a more cohesive and integrated fan experience.”

The CBRS solution is powered by JMA’s XRAN 100% software baseband and Cell Hub radio system, recently OnGo certified by CBRS Alliance, paving the way for aggressive trialing of the technology. XRAN enables a Virtualized Radio Access Network (VRAN) platform providing complete flexibility, software programmability, and a software-based fast track to 5G as the stadium’s needs evolve.

“For Angel Stadium, the use of CBRS is an obvious choice as it enables a secure, dedicated wireless connection providing monetization options. Using the XRAN and CellHub radio system, paired with OnGo technology, we were able to provide a seamless extension to existing infrastructure,” said Kevin Gallagher, EVP Neutral & Private Networks, JMA.

“Connectivity Wireless shows again how CBRS networks can be deployed in iconic venues like the Angel stadium to transform visitor experiences and bring reliable connectivity for operations” said Nanda Menon, Director – Corporate Development at Athonet. “We are pleased to support Connectivity Wireless and JMA with the Athonet Connectivity Platform for agile and IT-friendly management and control of the CBRS network”

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