Connecting Finland and Norway: Elisa, Bredbåndsfylket Troms open new fibre connectivity

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Elisa and the Norwegian operator Bredbåndsfylket Troms As have opened an optical fibre cable connection that backs up the optical fibre networks in both countries.

The cables converge at the border between Finland and Norway, providing a cable connection between the two countries. The new connection was opened in December 2018. Better data connections improve the services, safety and business opportunities in the region.

The cable connection covers the northern parts of Finland and Norway. In both countries, distances are long in the north and weather conditions are often challenging. Therefore, it is vital to have good data connections. Better and more reliable connections enable companies to develop digitalisation and new services more effectively than before. It is expected that Finnish and Norwegian companies will cooperate more thanks to the cable.

“From the point of view of companies, reliable connections are an extremely important part of their daily operations, and they make it possible to have good videoconferences anywhere in the world, not to mention developing different kinds of digital services to meet the needs of companies and their customers. It is crucial that companies operating in the north are treated equally in this regard as companies operating in the south”, says Jarmo Mikkola, Elisa’s regional director for Northern Finland.

In addition to companies and organisations, the people living in the area will also benefit from the connection. The cable connection secures Elisa’s backbone network in the Muonio, Enontekiö and Utsjoki regions in northern Finland, and it can work as a backup connection in case of a disturbance or a fault. In the big picture, enhanced digitalisation introduces better and more developed digital services in the healthcare, education and security sectors, for instance.

“The importance of the development of digitalisation cannot be overemphasised. It is about the well-being of residents and companies, as well as the development of the whole Lapland region. We decision-makers play an important role in harnessing the possibilities offered by digitalisation for the benefit of citizens. The new cable connection makes it possible to continue the work that is already being carried out in Lapland to promote digitalisation”, says Markus Lohi, the chair of the regional council of Lapland and a member of the Finnish parliament.

Several research projects are going on in the area, and they are benefiting from the better data connections. These projects include Multistatic Radar System, Eiscat 3D and E8 Aurora, which is an ecosystem to test technologies related to autonomous traffic and road conditions.

“The new connection offers new opportunities to the whole arctic region and benefits its development, research and innovations. Improved infrastructure will allow the data centre market to grow in Norway and in Finland. It will also contribute to building a submarine cable connection to Asia and North America in the future”, says Dag-Kjetil Hansen, the CEO of Bredbåndsfylket Troms AS.