Comviva Unveils Digital Services Delivery Platform DSDP 2.0 for Operators


Comviva, the global enabler in providing mobility solutions, has announced a new version of its Digital Services Delivery Platform (DSDP 2.0), empowering mobile operators to move beyond mere connectivity and embrace new growth opportunities in digital services.

With increasing digitization, many service providers are in the driver’s seat in terms of value creation, as it has allowed them to become true enablers of digital experience by facilitating digital services of their partners.

And, as this transformation gathers speed, a centralized strategy will ensure that the transition from physical to digital services results in increased efficiency and more revenue opportunities for the operator. DSDP 2.0 has been designed and developed keeping this in mind as it provides a robust and agile framework for continuous innovation and digital service delivery, while lowering OPEX and CAPEX, and reducing time to market.

Speaking on the occasion Atul Madan, Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Lifestyle Solutions at Comviva said, “In today’s hypercompetitive telecom market, the best option for the operators is to work with partners and enable new business and services that provide benefit for all. This is really a futuristic platform for digital services keeping in mind the evolving needs of the consumers as it comes with the latest technologies and a rich set of capabilities that will help operators to explore and realize new opportunities arising out of digital without exposing them to risks or escalating costs.”

In addition to Content, service, device, fraud and API management, the platform brings new capabilities powered by Artificial intelligence including Image & Video recognition, Image & Video moderation, Media transcoding, Object detection, Auto meta-data generation, NLP for conversational interfaces, Transliteration & Translation, Text to Speech conversion and Image Database Management.

Its future ready, micro services based, cloud ready multi-tenant architecture provides a common role based access interface for accessing different capabilities of the platform invariably making it a ‘Capabilities as a Service Platform’ CaaS Platform. The micro services are made available in the form of open APIs for consuming these platform capabilities. Its two-tiered security mechanism of vertical and horizontal approval ensures multiple check points before any changes are reflected in the system.

The USP of the platform is the one click capability upgrade in future, as and when required basis customer/ market/ business needs and technology upgrades. The platform ensure rapid service launch through online partner on-boarding, enabling different capabilities according to requirements and facilitating use, once the capabilities are approved by the admin. The platform has a robust roadmap to ensure that it remains ahead of market needs and business requirements.