Comptel Unveils ‘Operation Nexterday’, to Drive Monetization for CSPs


Comptel Corporation has unveiled Operation Nexterday, a new framework to help digital and communications service providers to transform their businesses and thrive in the post-digital era.

‘Generation Cloud’– who are maturing as buyers in today’s highly connected and digitally operated world – shop on their own terms on a wider range of devices, and make their purchasing decisions in real time. As a result, sales opportunities can be won or lost in a moment’s notice, creating a major power shift from digital and communications service providersto B2C and B2B customers.

According to aJanuary 2015 survey conducted by Comptel, 65 percent of consumers prefer to purchase digital content and services when and how it is convenient for them, and 65 percent also said their social circles are a major influence over their service buying decisions.

Further, 60 percent confirmed that tailored recommendations from operators impact their purchases. The Generation Cloud buyer clearly values personalisation over the traditional marketing and sales tactics of digital and communications service providers.

“Customers today are independent – they don’t need an operator to tell them what to do,” said Ari Vänttinen, Chief Marketing Officer, Comptel. “However, they do need digital and communications service providers to give them relevant options and real-time recommendations, so they are empowered and can dictate their own buying experience. The new role of operators is to deliver on this before customers even have a chance to ask for them – which means transforming their business models to operate in Nexterday – the day after tomorrow.”

Operation Nexterday, therefore, enables digital and communications service providers to rewrite their sales and marketing, technology and service playbooks in this new era. The framework includes strategies and solutions to eliminate complexity and friction from their business, allowing digital and communications service providers to:

1) Optimise the digital buying experience – Createconvenient, contextual and connected buying experiences for Generation Cloud.
2) Monetise more with less time–Optimise the buying experience and differentiate from competitors by leveraging sophisticated data monetising, policy and charging solutions, supported hand-in-hand by real-time business reporting.
3) Orchestrate everything from the ground to the cloud – Tear down legacy infrastructure and embracing network function virtualisation (NFV)for greater agility, scalability, flexibility and the ability to create new services.
4) Embrace intelligent fast data – Capture, refine and analysehistorical and real-time data, draw insights instantly, and make decisions and take actions automatically.
Comptel is answering these challenges with a new set of ‘superhero’ solutions, with unique roles and functions to prepare businesses for Generation Cloud’s demands:

• Data Refinery – A power facility for intelligent fast data. Captures data-in-motion to provide awareness around each customer context, and uses embedded analytics to refine it into automated, in-the-moment business actions.
• Data Fastermind – An artificial brain which embeds pervasive intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning to produce accurate business logic based on customer patterns. The result is highly targeted business actions.
• Monetizer – An agile business policy and charging tool for monetising more data when there is less time to do so. Allows digital and communications service providers toinnovate and design rich service offers at the speed of business.
• FlowOne – The ultimate fulfillment suite and ecosystem. Masters and automates the orchestration of service and business flows from ground to cloud, leveraging software defined networking (SDN) and NFV to improve product definition and deployment agility, and eliminate order fallout.
• FWD! Digital Sales Channel – A simple and proactive way to sell, market and monetize mobile data, and capture new customer segments.