Comptel Presents ‘Data Refinery Approach’ to Drive More Value from Big Data Integration


Comptel Corporation has unveiled a new release of its Big Data mediation technology. Version 7.0 of Comptel EventLink fosters intelligent data streaming, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to integrate data efficiently with an 850+ interface library, and validate and refine raw, historical and real-time data easily. With full, automated control over their data flows, operators can get a clear, 360-degree view of their customers, networks and business.

Today, there’s increasing pressure on CSPs to derive value from Big Data. Comptel EventLink serves as a ‘data refinery,’ enriching every last bit of crude data into business and operational intelligence. CSPs can use this insight, in combination with Comptel EventLink 7.0’s built-in reporting and machine-learning capabilities, to make smarter business decisions and accelerate their speed-to-action, such as with real-time network and service monitoring and anomaly detection to protect revenue, or proactive quality of service (QoS) maintenance.

More than 150 customers across the globe rely on Comptel for mediation; multiple CSPs including Telefonica Movistar Argentina have already selected the new Comptel EventLink version. Extremely performant and scalable, the company’s technology processes more than 20 percent of the world’s mobile data, exceeding one billion usage records at 30+ Tier 1 operators per day.

With the Big Data mediation technology upgrade to 7.0, Comptel has optimised the user experience and interface. Comptel EventLink’s Stream Designer equips CSPs with consumer-like, ‘drag-and-drop’ capabilities, giving them the power to design data streams independently, quickly and easily.

Comptel EventLink offers significant total cost of ownership savings, typically amounting up to 50 to 80 percent. This is based on Comptel’s experience in delivering full-blown and complex mediation consolidation projects for 70+ CSPs across the globe. Comptel EventLink 7.0 is fully compliant with the requirements for virtualised systems, as well.

“Operators’ data is too valuable to go to waste. Every bit of intelligence can be used to improve their business, whether it be by speeding up time-to-market, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs or enhancing revenue generation,” said Antti Koskela, CTO, Comptel. “We are delighted to introduce a new era of Big Data mediation with Comptel EventLink 7.0, which embeds intelligent data streaming and data refinery capabilities, and guide CSPs on effectively capturing and capitalising on Big Data to achieve their goals.”