Comptel, Pivotal Partner to Help CSPs in APAC Turn Data into Business Action


Comptel Corporation and Pivotal, the company accelerating digital transformation for enterprises, will market their solutions together in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and target CSPs and enterprise customers.

This follows the companies’ collaboration on a Big Data Analytics proof-of-concept for a communications service provider last year, as well as their multi-year technology partnership with Comptel Analytics and Pivotal Greenplum® technology.

Together, Comptel and Pivotal are enabling digital and communications service providers to combine Comptel’s EventLink technology, Data Refinery and Data Fastermind™ solutions with the Pivotal Big Data Suite, the industry’s most complete approach for creating a data-centric enterprise.

For digital and communications service providers looking to differentiate from competitors via data-driven application experiences, Pivotal Cloud Foundry® provides an enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution with broad services to help enterprises drive developer productivity and operational efficiency required to build enterprise-grade applications at speed and scale.

Comptel Data Refinery and Data Fastermind™ allow digital and communications service providers to refine, analyse and gain real-time insights and take appropriate action, whether it be to optimise the customer’s digital buying and service experience or preventing network failure.

“Digital and communications service providers are turning to Pivotal to resolve the business problem of using separate analytics to understand network functional performance and individual customer experience,” said Guy Baldwin, director, Alliances & Partners, Asia Pacific/Japan, Pivotal. “While many point solutions exist for customer experience management, network optimisation and call center analytics, only Pivotal takes a platform approach to ingest network events, mash that with customer, network and social data and take action in real time.”

Comptel already processes 20% of the world’s mobile usage data for more than 180 digital and communications service providers across the globe. These operators can now exploit this data with Pivotal’s solutions for flexible deployment of a data lake, powerful tools for advanced analytics and data science, and a portfolio of engines for supporting custom data-centric, scale-out applications.

New customers now have access to Comptel’s 700+ data source adapters, slashing time-to-value by dramatically simplifying the real-time ingest of network events and subscriber billing, CRM and BSS data. Critical data that supports a range of use-cases – including micro-segmentation, handset performance, real-time fraud protection, real-time, location-based mobile advertising and customer interaction behaviour analysis.

Comptel also brings a number of ready-made, advanced predictive analytics applications to the Pivotal platform, proven solutions that allow operators to better understand the uniqueness of individual subscribers and circumstances, leverage that knowledge to predict behaviours and take action via personalised subscriber interactions and service personalisation. In addition to identifying VIP customers, the predictive models can be used to anticipate customer demand for new product and service capabilities or upsells, as well as potential degradations in network and service performance.

“Data has the most value in the moment it is captured. With the joint Comptel-Pivotal solution, digital and communications service providers don’t have to do any heavy lifting to tap these insights,” said Jussi Ware, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand & APAC Alliances, Comptel. “Our collaboration is designed to ensure that integrating, processing, refining and analysing operators’ data is friction-free and delivers immediate actions and results that benefit the business.”