CommunicAsia2018: Alticast to launch new OTT platform based on blockchain


Seoul-based Alticast believes that blockchain technology will create a new paradigm that allows both content and service providers to focus on their respective expertise and yet enter into meaningful partnerships.

Alticast specializes in end-to-end system integration and software solutions that transform the connected home. Alticast’s cloud-based OTT platform, STB software, CAS/DRM, UI/UX, AI and Big Data-based analytics securely bring compelling, personalized and interactive content to over 50-million devices worldwide via broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms.

Alticast will be launching a new OTT platform based on blockchain technology at CommunicAsia. Blockchain is an emerging technology that can shift the conventional media platform to the next level. Leveraging this new technology, Alticast suggests an open content ecosystem called “Content Trading Network” where content providers can freely participate and trade content with one another.

Agreed trading terms and conditions along with content purchase and watch history are written to a blockchain network, and settlement between parties is transparently and efficiently processed based on that data. Since the data is written to a distributed ledger (blockchain) rather than a centralized database, it can be trusted that the data will not be tampered with or lost.

Since the data is reliable, business models can be more flexible. Examples include:

•Revenue sharing for content sales and ads is easily accepted between participants without worry of forged revenue data.
•A pay-as-you-go model is possible where users pay based on individual consumption.

In the past, Pay TV service providers were in charge of everything, except the actual content being distributed. With the emergence of OTT, however, that is no longer the case. Delivery Network (CDN) providers no longer solely own content Managed Networks and media-consuming devices are not only provided by the pay TV service provider. Most users are purchasing the devices in the retail market. This has created many alternative paths for content distribution, which is good for content providers.

From a content provider’s perspective, OTT service providers such as Netflix are simply a substitute for TV service providers, and they do not necessarily support the content provider’s needs, such as the sharing of content consumption data (purchase and watch history). For that reason, some content providers have attempted their own OTT service (DTC – Direct To Consumer), much like what Disney has done.

However, although DTC gives content providers more control, it also poses many challenges. Content providers now have to deal with everything service providers have dealt with, and in most cases, the former is not experienced enough to deal with these issues.

Blockchain technology transforms the current model allowing content and service providers to specialize and establish partnerships to deliver better service. Alticast’s Content Trading Network, facilitates the application of blockchain technology in the Pay-TV industry.

Keen to find out more about Alticast’s new OTT platform? Visit Alticast at CommunicAsia (Marina Bay Sands Singapore) from 26-28 June 2018!