CommunicAsia 2017: Exicom – Unveils Compact Rectifiers for Telecoms


Exicom Tele-Systems has unveiled its Compact Rectifiers for Telecommunications Providers. The company is participating at the upcoming global exposition – CommunicAsia 2017 in Singapore happening between May 23 and May 25, 2017. 

Exicom, is a provider of high efficiency DC Energy Systems and LFP based Li-ion batteries for stationary applications will unveil its new state of art, compact, high efficiency Serenity 3KW and 2KW rectifiers along with high performance system controllers, Li-ion batteries and other products & solutions for the telecommunication market.

With increasing demand and need to free up revenue generating space and optimal life cycle capita, Exicom is fully equipped for the telecommunications industry to provide long-term cost-effective solution to minimize operating costs for outdoor Base Transceiver Station (BTS) & Telecom Central office (CO) Power requirements .The power supplies are suitable pole mounting applications as well.

Mobile operators worldwide now have the option to benefit from power and storage solutions from Exicom which will continuously reduce their energy costs at a lower TCO.

Exicom’s new range of highly efficient rectifiers supports every type of telecom installation while the state of the art feature and user friendly controller platform takes the system design and simplicity to a whole new level.

With its new Serenity 3KW and 2KW model rectifiers requiring minimum space, Exicom aims to help the Telecommunication industry to lower operating cost and increase year to year growth revenue. A major component in achieving this objective is to identify new battery technologies that can address the needs for higher energy densities, reliability, safety, low maintenance costs and the ability to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions for long periods.

Exicom’s Li-ion battery solutions have been designed & customized to accommodate most complex telecom operating platforms. With more than 450Mwh of deployment under its belt, Exicom’s unparalleled expertise in developing Lithium ion solutions for telecom cell sites is yet another milestone achieved.

Sophisticated electronic battery management systems (BMS) are a prerequisite to ensure system reliability, safety and longevity of the battery in a wide range of operating conditions. With the introduction of any new battery technology, validation of utmost safety, optimal performance and a sound business case is paramount.

Exicom Power systems along with Lithium-based battery technologies offer a cost effective solution, smaller foot prints, longer life cycles and low maintenance costs. In addition, the performance characteristics of Exicom’s Lithium batteries are very attractive offering high rate of charge/discharge capabilities of up to 1 C.

Anant Nahata, Managing Director of Exicom commented: “We benefit from being an early mover in securing what we believe to be key ground which historically demonstrates high quality lithium grades. With our deep experience and expertise in the Cellular world which is evolving and data which is growing at an exponential speed, we are optimistic that we will secure global share of evolving the telecommunication market with our new range of state of the art rectifers.”

Anant is optimistic on his contributions to this fast expansions of huge 4G deployments on base stations and small cells in urban areas. He is equally optimistic for providing the state of art rectifiers to Telecom networks stations who are expanding into areas of no grid or poor grid.

Anant added that, “we at Exicom have expanded our product portfolio to build sleek and small power systems with light weight Li-ion batteries that can go just about anywhere to rugged renewable and DG hybrid systems to support multiple power inputs and complex energy management. We have also come up with power system products having integrated Li-ion battery making deployment faster, easier and occupy significantly less space”.

To have better control over Opex, all of Exicom’s products can be monitored and controlled remotely via SNMP or GPRS with real time alerts and notifications to help operators prevent downtime and make better service decisions. Control of the system from mobile APP platform will be introduced soon.

Naveen Sharma (VP, Marketing) of Exicom commented that “we are witnessing more and more connected devices and smart infrastructure which have special power requirements and highlighted Exicom’s integrated subracks offerings with both AC and DC power outputs and required battery backup to serve needs of smart city applications.”