CommScope Debuts Touchstone TG644x DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Gateways

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CommScope, a global enabler in home network solutions, continues to expand its Wi-Fi 6 home network gateway portfolio with the release of its new Touchstone TG644x DOCSIS 3.1 cable gateways.

With the use of online gaming, video conferencing, AR/VR and other delay sensitive applications on the rise, the opportunity has never been greater to bring low latency broadband services to market.


The TG644x gateway supports CommScope’s end-to-end Low Latency DOCSIS (LLD) solution, that establishes a fast lane for delay sensitive traffic from the home to the headend and back, and the enhanced capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 reduces latency and jitter in communications to the end device.

The gateways support high split with a switched diplexer for flexible deployment capabilities to meet the demand for increased upstream capacity, such as using video conferencing for working and learning from home.

“By deploying the new TG644x gateways, service providers are providing subscribers with the confidence they will not drop a video call or miss an online lesson,” said Ken Haase, Vice President, Product Management, CommScope. “Gamers will be able to take advantage of lower latency, thus giving them the competitive edge by reducing lag or buffering.”

The TG644x gateways allows service providers to deliver multi-gigabit data rates to and around the home and small business and enables reliable ultra-HD videos over Wi-Fi. These innovative Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 gateways are intended to serve as the hub of a subscriber’s network and connect all IP capable devices (i.e., internet, data, voice, and video) throughout the customer’s premises.

“With more people working and learning from home, all their connected devices are placing increased demand on the home network,” Haase added. “With the enhanced performance and connectivity of our new Wi-Fi 6 gateways, service providers can provide their subscribers with the ability to connect more devices to their network with enhanced reliability.”

If additional coverage is required to light up dead spots, the gateways may be supplemented with CommScope’s X5 Wi-Fi 6 extender to deliver high-performance and managed Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home. The gateways can also be managed with CommScope’s HomeAssure Managed Wi-Fi solutions, providing optimized, high performance Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home. Furthermore, the TG644x gateways also support SNMP and TR-069 remote management protocols for reducing service providers costs and can be managed with CommScope’s ECO Service Management solutions. It provides service providers visibility into the home network, and the ability to automate and control subscriber devices and experiences. CommScope is a global leader in these areas and has millions of devices under management.

Haase added that several service providers have already selected CommScope’s TG644x gateway, so look out for future announcements.