Commonwealth Broadband Forum 2014 to focus on ‘Broadband for Accelerated Growth’


Keeping in mind the growing need to strengthen broadband ecosystem for accelerated growth, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) is set to organize Commonwealth Broadband Forum 2014 at Nairobi, Kenya during 18-20 November 2014.

The theme for this year’s event will be Broadband for Accelerated Growth and the event will examine aspects of Broadband, not only developing national Broadband strategies but with an overview of the Commonwealth Broadband strategy and the role of Universal Access Funds. Delving into how countries can transcend broadband implementation to accelerate economic growth.

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Commonwealth Broadband Forum 2014 will give attention to the future of technology in across the Commonwealth and examining how the expanding marketplace will be accelerated further by the technology innovations that drive growth; from the evolution of mobile technologies from 4G and beyond; watching the trends of cloud computing in emerging markets; new satellite and fibre optic cabling technologies; examining the use and influence of broadband applications and VAS and the rise of the Tech cities.

Bringing together Regulators, Governments, Operators, Vendors and Universal Service Fund Administrators, revenue managers it will be a platform for gaining knowledge, exchanging views and seeking partnerships.

Key topics to be discussed include –

◾Determining Africa’s broadband future
◾Mobile broadband technologies: 4G and LTE
◾Broadband access and infrastructure aiding development
◾Designing the digital dividend: Future spectrum allocation
◾Cloud computing for Emerging markets
◾Broadband applications Innovation and VAs
◾Inclusion. Innovation. Beyond Broadband: The rise of the tech cities.
◾Financing broadband in Africa
◾Strengthening broadband Public Private Partnerships to accelerate investment projects

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