Colt Expands IQ Network in Genova


Colt Technology Services has expanded its intelligent Colt IQ Network from Rome to Genova in Northern Italy.

The network extension brings the benefits of optical technology – using light to transmit data at high speeds across fibre cables – and on-demand network capabilities to organisations across the region. The digital infrastructure, optimised for speeds of 400Gbps and up to 10Gbps IP/Ethernet, seamlessly connects Genovan businesses to 32 countries, 222 cities and 1000 data centres across Europe, Asia and North America.

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The subsea fibre cables with the vast amounts of data transported will make Genova a digital hub for international traffic routing into Milan, Amsterdam and London.

Carlo Azzola, Country Manager – Italy, Colt Technology Services said, “Italian businesses have a significant contribution to make to the global economy, but as more and more applications shift to the cloud, these organisations need powerful, high-capacity, low-latency digital infrastructure to stay competitive. Inspired by our customers, the expansion of the Colt IQ Network to Genova brings exciting new opportunities to businesses in the region, helping them to generate extraordinary connections, grow and thrive.”

The expansion is the latest in a series of strategic investments Colt has made in its flagship Colt IQ Network, which connects to more data centres in Europe and Asia than any other provider. Driven by its deep commitment to its customers, Colt continues to push boundaries, drive innovation and extend its global reach.