Colt Debuts Access to OCI Services in Madrid via FastConnect


Colt Technology Services, a provider of agile, high bandwidth connectivity solutions and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), is offering connectivity services to the Oracle Cloud Madrid Region via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect.

Oracle customers in the region can harness the power of Oracle Cloud locally, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle MySQL HeatWave, to unlock innovation and drive business growth. ­­­­

The latest expansion creates a high performing, end-to-end connectivity experience for enterprises in the Spanish capital, enabling them to connect to Oracle Cloud locally. Colt’s own fibre network in Spain is made up of three Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, which spans over 3,000 connected enterprise buildings and 55 connected data centres – delivering an ideal, cloud-optimised infrastructure.

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This represents the latest expansion of the relationship between Colt and Oracle, with Colt launching both hosted and dedicated port options via its Dedicated Cloud Access and On Demand portfolios to the Oracle Cloud Regions, including in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Osaka, Zurich, Milan, Stockholm, and Marseille.

Colt On Demand for OCI allows customers to self-provision secure, high bandwidth connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions in a matter of minutes, and allows them to dynamically scale bandwidth up or down in near-real-time. Colt On Demand for OCI is controlled by an online customer portal and purchased through a flexible, pay-as-you-use commercial model.

With OCI, customers benefit from enterprise-grade performance and security, powerful data and analytics, and multicloud capabilities to bring enterprise workloads to the cloud quickly and efficiently.

Jaya Deshmukh, Executive Vice President – Strategy and Transformation at Colt, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic altered our world in many ways, highlighting not only the importance of agile, on-demand, high bandwidth network infrastructure, but also the wider technological ecosystem that had to rapidly come together as the world changed. The fast-evolving landscape required us to become more flexible and bring transformative networking solutions to our customers faster than ever. Our growing relationship with Oracle is one we’re extremely proud of, as it has seen our businesses facilitate numerous cloud transformations, which have allowed enterprises to continue to evolve in a new era of great uncertainty.”

“By adding our first Oracle FastConnect connection in Spain, Oracle and Colt will continue to support the growing needs of enterprises in this critical Iberian peninsula region,” Deshmukh added.

OCI’s extensive network of more than 75 global and regional FastConnect partners offers organizations dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud regions and OCI services – providing customers with the best options anywhere in the world.

Specifically architected to meet the needs of the enterprise, Oracle Cloud is a next-generation cloud that delivers powerful compute and networking performance and a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services, from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. With unique architecture and capabilities, Oracle Cloud delivers unmatched security, performance, and cost savings. Oracle Cloud is the only cloud built to run Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry’s first and only self-driving database.