Colorado’s Ciello Selects Radwin to Drive High-Speed Broadband


RADWIN (, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that Ciello – a subsidiary of the San Luis Valley (SLV) Rural Electric Cooperative in Colorado, U.S. – is driving high-speed broadband to hundreds of homes and businesses in 7 counties with RADWIN’s JET Point-to-Multipoint Beam-forming solutions.

This latest win underscores RADWIN’s position as the foremost provider of Fixed Wireless Access solutions to rural America, with deployments by multiple leading U.S. Rural Electric Cooperatives and CAF operators.

Andrea Oaks-Jaramillo, Economic Development Coordinator at SLV Electric COOP: “We formed Ciello to drive fast, affordable broadband to farming and agriculture companies, schools and homes in the area. We sought a solution to complement our fiber network buildout. We assessed fixed wireless access providers and found that RADWIN far outweighed the competition and that JET was our best choice, overcoming the toughest conditions including interference and non-line-of-sight.”

Loren Howard, CEO at SLV Electric COOP and Ciello: “We had already run fiber to many substations on the valley floor and had 90 poles deployed so we were able to put RADWIN’s JETs on these poles. Now we can offer 25, 50 and 100 Mbps packages including high-quality phone voice service to companies and residents who were previously unconnected or received just a few Mbps service.”

Concluded Howard: “We recently bought another wireless provider in the Valley and are now moving all of their customers to the RADWIN network. Thanks to JET, subscribers are getting faster speeds without caps on their bandwidth and the customer experience is phenomenal!”

Zeev Farkash, RADWIN’s VP Global Sales: “Access to high-speed internet is vital to improving the economy of rural communities, and electric cooperatives are uniquely positioned to bridge the digital divide in their communities by leveraging upon their existing infrastructure and technical expertise. With JET PtMP, Electric COOPs can drive fast, reliable broadband connectivity rapidly and cost-effectively.”

RADWIN is the trusted choice of Rural Electric Cooperatives in the US and all over the world.