cNumber Review: The Best Business Phone Service


Business phone numbers are the talk of the telecom industry today. Whether you are an individual or a nifty organization or a young startup, communication is the key to networking and growth. The fact that the traditional systems are outdated and no longer meet customer expectations, it is time for leaders to rethink their strategies and modify their means of communication. 

This is where VoIP business telephony comes into the picture. As cloud-hosted telephony, VoIP calls give you the ease to stay connected 24/7. Offering remote connectivity, they are secured and up to date with the current trends. More and more leaders are embracing the technology and it’s time that you too made the move. 

Wondering which business phone number to choose? Are you aware of the different service providers? Do you know what 0845 numbers are or who use 0845 in business for top VoIP service providers like cNumber?

Well, no worries; this article will put your search to an end. Without wasting time, let’s move ahead to know more about the business phone number and corresponding service provider. 

Business Phone Number Service Provider: cNumber

When we talk about the different VoIP phone number service providers, there are multiple companies that pop up. Of these, the one that has gained tremendous attention recently is cNumber

Regarded as one of the best business phone number service providers in the UK, cNumber will help you make your business communications better and easier. They offer a wealth of choices in terms of business phone numbers. They also have the provision of offering local as well as international numbers depending upon the needs and requirements of a business. 

Power-packed with features, they help you with all of your VoIP communication needs. 

Features offered by cNumber


  • Unified Communication


cNumber has tons of virtual phone numbers that can be used to host business communications. Everyone in the organization would use a similar number and even your customers would have access to the same. No matter where you reside, a single number would be enough to connect with your business. cNumber has a feature where a single number can be used to connect with different customers at the same time. All you need to have is separate extensions that work on different lines. 


  • Ability to scale in future


With cNumber, you will never have to worry about scalability. Whether your business grows or decays with time, you can always add or remove features from within the subscription plans. In addition to the above, cNumber allows you to add more numbers later or as required to support your business needs. 


  • 24/7 Connectivity


cNumber has a range of choices when it comes to business phone numbers. Whether you wish to have an on-premise solution installed or a totally hosted solution, they give you the ease to have all. The call forwarding and transferring features add to the uninterrupted communication between customers and the company. This keeps your business activities throughout the day. 


  • Cost-effective


All of the plans and packages offered by cNumber are economical and don’t cost you much. The charges levied are best-in-industry and they have no hidden costs. Also, with them, you wouldn’t need to buy a separate number. Instead, extend the existing one to be VoIP compatible. This eliminates the need to buy additional software or hardware, cutting down unwanted expenses. 


  • Customer Support


cNumber has a dedicated team of support staff who work endlessly to look after the needs of your business phone. At times, it so happens that the network faces connectivity issues, disrupting the end to end communication. An outage of a minute alone is fatal for a business organization and to keep up with the needs and avoid any such problems, cNumber has a separate team of professionals who work to deal with problems and network issues.


While there are a number of service providers who offer you an array of packages and subscription plans, cNumber appears to be one of the best. They offer a 100% customization option along with the proven security of business calls. If you are just starting out, reach out to their team,  learn about who uses 0845 in business, and know more about their services and plans.