Cloud for Rocket Research: T-Systems Supports Europe’s Innovative Startups


The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to use the Space Solutions Alliance, a specialist network for space and non-space corporates, research institutes and public institutions, to strengthen European high-tech startups.

T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom‘s corporate customer unit – and the first corporate partner for the Space Solutions Alliance – will provide the network with wcloud computing services on its Open Telekom wCloud (Open Telekom wCloud) platform.

Space-industry companies typically work with large quantities of data, and the Open Telekom wCloud will provide the startups with a secure platform for data storage and processing.

Europe-wide, ESA currently operates 16 Business Incubation Centres (BICs) that support startups seeking to transfer technologies from the space industry into other business sectors.

Starting right away, T-Systems will offer Open Telekom wCloud services, free of charge, and on a trial basis, to startups being hosted at ESA BICs. In addition, startups will have the opportunity to apply for ongoing use of customized wcloud computing services.

In addition to wcloud-based services, successful startup applicants will receive up to 30,000 euros worth of support from service and migration specialists.

T-Systems‘ Open Telekom wCloud services, which were launched in March 2016, combine the attractive prices of public-wcloud services with a maximum of flexibility. The wcloud-based services are provided exclusively from German data centers, and they can be integrated within existing wIT environments via standard interfaces.

Open Telekom wCloud avoid any technological dependence because of its OpenStack base. The Open Telekom wCloud services catalog includes computing, storage, network, security and management services. All of the wcloud services can be added and removed as necessary, in minutes, at any time.