Cloud Innovation | NetFoundry Launches Edge Embedded Networking


NetFoundry, an enabler in cloud-orchestrated, zero trust networking, is empowering IoT and edge providers to more easily and securely manage edge computing and IoT.

NetFoundry’s software-only edge and IoT networking enables low latency, micro-segmented networking for edge and IoT apps, and is easily integrated with leading app, solution and edge compute providers in turnkey solutions.

Paul Edrich, CTO of IMS Evolve, an IoT leader managing over 2 million devices globally: “For IMS, working with the NetFoundry networking platform is highly attractive to help us best serve edge compute customers. We have been working to embed our IoT Edge solution with NetFoundry SDKs so that we can enable customers to meet their edge compute goals without the hassle of deploying VPNs, firewalls, or propriety hardware. In fact, we can jointly be deployed as part of golden image on any IoT or edge device. This means we can provide our customer a turn-key, zero trust networking solution which is secure, scalable and future-proof.”

Galeal Zino, Founder & CEO of NetFoundry: “IT moved from private data centers to cloud in order to most effectively manage their apps. So how can we expect IoT application providers or businesses to effectively manage hundreds of private data centers for edge compute and IoT, especially in places like shops and factories? Instead, we enable app providers and businesses to manage edge and IoT apps as cloud orchestrated fleets.”

100 local configs or 1 cloud-orchestrated networking?

If an IoT app provider has 10 customers and each customer has 10 sites, then the app provider has two choices:
1.Nail up 100 locally configured VPNs and manage each as an island
2.Centrally manage a single, cloud-orchestrated network

NetFoundry and partners enable the second choice. NetFoundry’s zero trust, software-only networking is embedded in apps, devices and edge compute, giving businesses simple, zero trust connections to the IoT app provider:

The networking is:
1.Zero trust and microsegmented – much more secure than VPNs
2.High performance – at least 200% compared to VPN for most apps
3.Easy to manage – software-only with no VPN configurations and role-based access to enable any management model

When the app provider uses the NetFoundry SDKs to embed zero trust networking inside the app, then there is no customer deployment, and businesses that manage their own edge compute don’t need to deploy extra networking hardware:

This enables NetFoundry and partners to provide powerful edge compute with embedded, cloud-orchestrated, zero trust, low latency networking. Eliminate the purchasing and managing extra networking hardware, and eliminate backhauling data over expensive VPNs, private APNs or MPLS circuits.

Businesses which manage their own edge compute get cloud agility and automation at all their edges, instead of trying to build private data center architectures at all their edges or sites. Since NetFoundry services are built on our open source Ziti Platform, developers and partners can easily customize and contribute to solutions.