Cloud-Based Gaming: A Game Changer for Security?


Anyone who opposes technological changes does not promote societal development either. That’s the reality, considering how it has influenced many changes in various industries globally. Today, any industry that does not utilize the vital technological aspects risks remaining behind as others are rising to greater heights.

The Canadian casino industry has been quick at adopting technological changes that they believe will positively impact them. Some of those aspects improve their users’ privacy and convenience when gaming.

Cloud gaming is one of the latest trends that the casino sector utilizes to enhance the players’ experience whenever they play their favourite games. Our gaming expert Daniel Bennet (view his profile), will brace us more about the latest technological concept and how it impacts Canada’s online gambling.

What is Cloud gaming?

For a long time, most Canadian gamblers have believed that they must have state-of-the-art gaming machines to access quality games. Cloud-based gaming, on the other hand, introduces a new concept to the industry. It makes gaming more affordable and convenient to Canadians who don’t have access to better gaming machines. So, what exactly is cloud gaming?

It refers to a method of playing video games using remote servers based on data centers. It’s the simplest gaming method because you don’t need to download or install your favourite games.

Instead, you will only need a stable internet connection for streaming your favourite game. Good connectivity will enable you to send your gaming information to an app or browser installed in the recipient device.

After that, the game becomes available on the remote server, making it possible for you to see and interact with what is happening locally on your device. That opens a new world of opportunities to players.

What are the benefits of cloud-based technology to the gaming industry?

Top-notch security

Unsuspecting internet users have suffered losses in the past due to weak systems of data security. As a result, they have been exposed to various risks making them dislike the internet. But thanks to cloud-based technology because it bars cybercriminals from accessing vital information.

The industrial level technology used by cloud-based systems prevents external interruptions such as hacking. That’s possible because, in cloud gaming, the information gets stored in virtual storage space. It makes the software safer than other traditional applications.

No room for piracy

In the past, many Canadian casino gaming companies have suffered losses because they have not been controlling some of their public software. Their physical gaming software is mostly available in the market hence easy access by the cybercriminals.

However, that’s a different case with cloud-based gaming because players play their favourite games in the cloud servers with access to their personal computers. Cloud gaming aims to diminish the ability of cyber attackers to manipulate the software. That also prevents them from coming up with a similar version of the software. As a result, they maintain the novelty of the game.

Reduced costs

Many people think that when the traffic is high on the Canadian gaming companies’ websites such as those at make high profits and enjoy other great benefits. On the contrary, they don’t since they pay more for bandwidth when the traffic is high on the system.

Most gaming companies experience high traffics, mainly when they have a new gaming title. But that becomes a past when the gaming companies operate normally. They use 10 percent of bandwidth and server space and reserve the remaining 90 percent.

Cloud gaming, on the other hand, uses a different model to bill the gaming companies. They use the “pay as you go” model, enabling the gaming companies to pay only for what they have used in the long run. That makes the gaming services affordable to both the players and the companies offering them.

Immediate player support

Traditional applications were not flexible and scalable. But the cloud applications are more flexible and provide better room for scalability. As a result, Canadian players access any information they need regarding gaming to log into their gaming account immediately.

That also enables them to save their games and other important information from unauthorized access. That’s because the vital information in their gaming account allows them to do that hence enhancing their privacy.

From the above information, it’s evident that cloud-based gaming is the future of gaming. Companies that have not started utilizing it must prepare for it by putting mechanisms that will accommodate it.