Clavister Provides 5G Security to LATAM Mobile Operator


Clavister, an enabler in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, has announced that its 5G Security Solution is to be deployed by a LATAM telecoms provider to enhance the country’s rollout of 5G.

The solution, which includes the Clavister NetShield high-performance firewall product, will be used within the deployment to secure high-capacity data traffic across the core mobile network. The contract is worth around 6 MSEK to Clavister in its initial phase.

This deployment is the latest of a series of recent wins where Clavister’s 5G Security Solution has been selected by mobile network operators, a sign of Clavister’s growing global footprint in the space. Deployable virtually, containerized or via bare metal, the solution offers 360-degree protection for mobile networks, securing inside the core network, as well as from the edge via the core and all the way to the internet, other operator networks, radio network and for remote access – critical in securing sprawling 5G networks.“This is a substantial deal for Clavister and we’re delighted to bring secure 5G to yet another mobile operator customer,” said John Vestberg, CEO at Clavister. “This is reflective of our dedicated, expert teams who have developed a solution that can protect ever-more sprawling, high-capacity networks and, effectively, our journey to 5G.”

The Clavister 5G Security Solution delivers lower TCO compared to other solutions thanks to the efficiency gains of using one single solution. It provides common management across all parts of the network, for different use cases, on different platforms, and even across different technologies (5G/4G/3G).

The solution is proven in commercial deployments with several tier-1 5G and 4G operators in live operation under massive load, deployed both as virtual and bare metal. “We are a global partner and these deployments highlight that our solutions can perform on a global scale. As the world ramps up 5G deployments, providers must have network security at the forefront of development. The sheer quantity of bandwidth that the spectrum enables needs to be managed and existing network tools designed for 3G and 4G were not developed to cope with such a data flow. Our solutions have been developed specifically for high-capacity offerings, with flexibility and scalability enabling them to manage vast influxes. Importantly, this means they can handle 3G and 4G networks too – that means one cybersecurity provider for all networks’ security.”