Claro Enterprise Unveils Asset Insights Solution

Claro Enterprise Solutions

Claro Enterprise Solutions, a source provider of Network Connectivity and Communication, Cybersecurity, Cloud, IoT, and IT Managed Services, has launched Claro Asset Insights to provide clients with the ability to track assets and shipments autonomously, manage them digitally, and gain valuable insights into their condition, status, and critical events.

IoT Product Management Director, Patrick Verdugo said, “High value industrial and commercial assets and shipments lack proper visibility and control. Claro Enterprise Solutions Asset Insights provides tracking location, as well as visibility to asset condition, including movement, shock, geofencing and temperature. Sensor behavior can be controlled remotely via the platform. Shipment tracking fully supports ERP integration and provides custom location alerts to the receiving customer. Claro Enterprise Solutions Asset Insights is secure by design with 24/7 customer support.”

Claro Enterprise Solutions

With increased theft and hijackings, businesses transporting valuable goods need assurance that their orders are shipped promptly and securely. Claro Asset Insights provides a global asset and shipment tracking service using robust IoT technology and fully customizable alerts to notify the operation status and critical events on the road. Simultaneously, teams can track and set alerts for essential internal equipment to help ensure devices stay updated and within company property.

Claro Asset Insights Benefits

Reduced asset losses and damages
24/7 shipment tracking
Real-time location information
Secure hosting
Temperature tracking
Environment tracking
Remote management
Plug and play
Autonomous tracking
Asset assessment

Claro Enterprise Solutions, an América Móvil subsidiary, is a leading source provider of Network Connectivity and Communication, Cybersecurity, Cloud, IoT, and IT Managed Services, delivering scalable solutions with layers of security, global expertise, and dependable customer support.

By empowering a people-first culture, our diverse teams closely collaborate with clients, enabling businesses to thrive with our integrated secure-by-design and expertly curated technology solutions customized and designed to help optimize business operations.