Claro Brasil Picks SES to Extend 4G, 5G-Ready Services


With unprecedented demand for high-powered mobile connectivity in the most isolated communities of the Amazon, SES has signed a multiyear capacity renewal with Claro Brasil, through Embratel, its corporate solutions division, to enable the delivery of enhanced 4G/5G-ready services via its O3b mPOWER network, SES’s next-gen medium earth orbit (MEO) communications system, in at least eight of 23 cities the telco serves via SES’s multi-orbit satellite network across the region.

Under the renewal agreement, Embratel could leverage 4 Gbps over SES’s O3b mPOWER network to extend its high-powered mobile backhaul service through this cutting-edge technology to serve more than 260,000 inhabitants of the eight cities in the Amazon region. SES will continue to serve other communities in the region with SES’s geostationary (GEO) satellite-delivered backhaul capacity.

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Embratel has relied on an increasing amount of SES satellite services over the past five years to fulfill the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) universal service requirements in support of the communities in the Amazon – the most isolated region in Brazil. Embratel has grown its demand of SES capacity from an initial 250 Mbps serving four towns to 5.5 Gbps of GEO and MEO bandwidth supporting 23 cities. For example, thanks to the flexibility offered by SES’s current generation MEO system, O3b, some sites have grown to more than 500 Mbps.

By leveraging SES’s mPOWERED Mobile Backhaul service, a solution delivered via O3b mPOWER, Embratel would also be able to support 5G networks’ high throughput demand with a solution that is scalable to multiple gigabits-per-second per location.

According to Embratel, SES’s O3b mPOWER new technology will allow us to extend the company network platform and provide a whole new level of mobile services to our customers in some of the most isolated villages and cities in the Amazon region.

“Our mPOWERED Mobile Backhaul service offers unmatched scalability and flexibility, which enables leading telecom providers like Claro Brasil to land traffic with unrivaled flexibility – either in country or directly to the cloud – and can be easily expanded to accommodate data growth from Claro’s cellphone customers, offering a great quality of experience, even in some of the most remote areas of Brazil,” said Omar Trujillo, Vice President of Network Sales for Americas at SES. “SES is thrilled to extend our partnership with Embratel and Claro in Brazil and the Amazon region, where they are the first telco to sign on with O3b mPOWER to continue reducing the connectivity divide for a growing number of people and communities.”

SES has a bold vision to deliver amazing experiences everywhere on earth by distributing the highest quality video content and providing seamless connectivity around the world.

As the leader in global content connectivity solutions, SES operates the world’s only multi-orbit constellation of satellites with the unique combination of global coverage and high performance, including the commercially-proven, low-latency Medium Earth Orbit O3b system. By leveraging a vast and intelligent, cloud-enabled network, SES is able to deliver high-quality connectivity solutions anywhere on land, at sea or in the air, and is a trusted partner to the world’s leading telecommunications companies, mobile network operators, governments, connectivity and cloud service providers, broadcasters, video platform operators and content owners.

SES’s video network carries about 8,000 channels and has an unparalleled reach of 366 million households, delivering managed media services for both linear and non-linear content.

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