Citrix’s NetScaler SD-WAN – Offers Always-On Network for Telecoms


An Interaction with Citrix |

At a time when telecom operators and CSPs are looking towards injecting digital transformation process inside their networks, Citrix networking portfolio is acting as enabling agents, helping operators in terms of expanding their product portfolio – developing and securing their customer relationships.

Rahul Arora, Director, Cloud & Networking, India & SAARC interacts with Zia Askari from about the way Citrix is offering unique proposition for the telecoms community.

What are the key priorities for Citrix today?

Citrix’s single driving principle has been to deliver apps and data securely, anywhere, anytime and on any device or network. Our solutions are built to align with the various requirements of businesses of differing scale and nature. Therefore, flexible user experience outlined by a secure perimeter to work in is at the top of our priority list.

Our efforts are also directed towards giving our customers an enhanced experience through innovation of solutions that have disruptive capabilities. Besides this, as an organization, we are heavily invested in enabling the ‘future of work’. We believe enterprises have a lot to benefit from mobile solutions that allow employees to view work as an activity not constrained by the location.

Additionally, with cloud-first strategy becoming an essential component of any modern business, we at Citrix are actively developing multi-cloud solutions, catalyzing business growth.

What are some of the challenges faced by the telecom sector – in terms of improving operational efficiency, aligning with changing business requirements? How can Citrix help here?

The strong shift in the country towards adopting digital solutions has had a two-pronged effect on several industries. On one hand, this move has fueled growth and opened a window of opportunities for industries like banking, telecom, and healthcare. On the other, however, industries are now faced with the challenges that come with adoption of new technologies and the resultant re-alignment. This, in turn, has led to fundamental changes in the way businesses function and operate.

Considering the competition in the telecom sector, operators are increasingly looking for newer services to provide to the end user. Furthermore, emphasis on building a strong network of partners to ensure continuance of expansion of services and subscribers is at an all-time high.

At Citrix, we are dedicated to providing a combination of networking solutions that allow telecom providers to embrace digital tools and optimize their usage.  With our broad range of offerings, we are collaborating with service providers to help them expand and provide differentiated value.

Our networking portfolio, are acting as enabling agents, helping the operators expand their product portfolio and develop and secure their customer relationships. Additionally, with NetScaler SD-WAN, our premier networking solution, we are providing an always-on network that ensures a reliable connection.

What are some of the big innovations that Citrix is bringing to the market?

For us at Citrix, innovation is a core component of our product development strategy. We have already secured a strong foothold in areas like enterprise mobility, networking, virtualization, and cloud and now have aligned our focus towards enabling digital workspaces. With our efforts in this space, we are aiding organizations to flexibly access data located on premise or outside, while maintaining a layer of security and control.

The team at Citrix is focused towards providing industry leading solutions that support enterprises in transitioning to a digital-first approach. We have reiterated our commitment to empower digital workspaces with unified access and mobile management in a secure manner. With this in the backdrop, our efforts today stand focused towards fueling productivity and enhancing user experience for enterprises. Additionally, in a bid to enable enterprise to derive valuable insights from the data being produced, we are also taking steps in supporting integration of analytical tools.

More and more Service providers are moving towards digital enablement and adopting digital solutions – what are the risks and benefits here?

While we are witnessing rapid digitization of operations, the task of ensuring a smooth transition is critical. With management of data on a network or cloud becoming a prevalent practice, every organization is at a risk of exposing sensitive customer information to threats, if not handled carefully. Therefore, providers need to actively coordinate their efforts to avert any and all risks involved. For organizations to ensure the protection of sensitive data, increased collaboration with the IT team is necessary. Furthermore, before jumping the disruptive technology bandwagon, it is important for the concerned entity to ensure that their new digital strategy is aligned with their core business model.

Having said that, one cannot deny that the positives outweighing the prospective risks. Besides flexibility, reliability, and productivity being the primary incentives, service providers now also have the ability to micro-manage data to ensure highest degree of security. Additionally, with operations getting more streamlined, providers now have the resources required to productively scale up and expand.

Please elaborate on your networking offerings – NetScaler SD-WAN?

For us, developing disruptive solutions capable of enhancing customer’s end-delivery, is a priority. With enterprises progressing towards an evolved hybrid and multi-cloud environment, we are favorably positioned to cater to their specific needs through our NetScaler SD-WAN and NetScaler ADC offerings. SD-WAN in particular, has been supporting telecom service providers and networking vendors in their bid to expand their businesses.

NetScaler ADC is one our premier offerings that follows a software-first approach. It assimilates varied components to empower reliable access and delivery of apps. While making this possible, it ensures a level of trust with the right security protocols and leverages insights through intelligent analytics.