CITIC Telecom CPC Unveils 3rd Security Operations Center

CITIC Telecom CPC Unveils 3rd Security Operations Center

CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited, officially launches its Security Operations Center (SOC) in Shanghai, providing enterprises with advanced security protection and operational services.

The new SOC will leverage high-availability security information and event management (SIEM) platform, comprehensive security dashboard, effective security orchestration, automation and response system, and 7×24 professional security team of CITIC Telecom CPC as a strong backbone to roll out next-generation SOC comprehensive security and maintenance services, strengthening security defense capabilities and enhancing operational efficiency of enterprises across industries.

Citic Telecom CPC

With the rapid development of the digital economy, the global network security landscape remains challenging. The ever-changing security attack vectors have increased the number of network security incidents. Enterprises need to speed up and enhance their technology innovations from the perspectives of industry value chain and overall business in order to elevate their overall security capability.

CITIC Telecom CPC has two round-the-clock SOCs in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The third SOC in Shanghai not only provides enterprises in Mainland China with superior cloud and network security service capabilities, but also plays an active role in supporting international enterprises with business operations in China.

The new SOC in Shanghai is certified with a series of international certifications and is fully complied with China’s local policies and regulations. All the three 7×24 SOCs are equipped with platform-based, automated and intelligent operational capabilities, as well as localized professional services at international standards, creating a full spectrum of security service framework in building comprehensive security capabilities such as security, monitoring, proactive alerts, management and risk control. Not only do the SOCs help enterprises with their transformation from “security development ” to “security operations”, but also drive and upgrade their overall security operational capability to become more practical, systematic and platform-based.

Brook Wong, Chief Executive Officer of CITIC Telecom CPC said, “In line with national policies and the development of a digital China, exponential growth of innovative services from various industries and enterprises, cross-border data flow from enterprises and increased demands for information security and data compliance systems, we have empowered customers across industries with advanced security innovations, invested more resources to strengthen our capabilities in security services and technology innovations, and officially launched our third SOC in Shanghai. The new SOC not only demonstrates our strong commitment to “Strive for Service Excellence”, but also provides fully integrated cloud, network and security solutions, and differentiated information security protection. It is instrumental in bolstering the overall cyber defense capabilities of enterprises and fostering high-quality development of the digital economy, while creating innovative and sustainable values for our community.”

CITIC Telecom CPC SOC Core Capabilities Cover 3 Key Areas:

Innovative Technologies Create “Closed-loop Management Capabilities” for Security Events
Our highly-recognized and ever-enhancing security information and event management (SIEM) platform has created “closed-loop management capabilities” for security events to track up to billions of events on a daily basis, detect potential security threats for enterprises, identify threats in a timely and accurate manner, take immediate actions, provide a summary report of all security events and improve the efficiency of handling enterprise security incidents, enabling enterprises to take the lead in threat prediction, perception and responses.

High-availability Service Platform

High-availability and visualized platform creates a “cluster effect” of security operations and maintenance. The platform is operated in a Tier III+, ISO9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001 certified data center, which ensures uninterrupted operations of underlying services and provides customers with an upper-level online portal, revealing in real time the security posture of enterprises and various critical data that is of concern to them.

International Professional Team

CITIC Telecom CPC’s security experts and professional customer service team has obtained multiple domestic and international security certifications including CISSP, CCSP, SSCP, CEH, CHFI, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CISP, etc. Their diverse set of security skills and experiences have built up a strong backbone for enterprise security protection. The team provides multilingual support (Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese, etc.), 7x24x365 services and a professional incident handling process, enabling real time responses, regular reviews, trends analysis and high-quality information security services for enterprises.

Integrating Full-stack Cloud, Network, Intelligence and Security Solutions to Unveil Next-Generation Comprehensive SOC Security and Maintenance Services
Leveraging over 20 years of cloud, network, intelligent and security experiences, robust information security services capabilities, powerful computing algorithms and AI technology in the industry, CITIC Telecom CPC is committed to unveiling next-generation comprehensive security and maintenance services through the new SOC. Not only does it provide one-stop comprehensive security analysis and event management services including pre-event detection, immediate responses during events, and post-event summary through TrustCSI(TM) MSS, it also offers a range of professional information security services through TrustCSI(TM) IAS including asset management, risk assessment, penetration testing, offensive and defensive exercises.

These services help customers proactively identify potential security risks, promptly patch vulnerabilities, regularly evaluate security defenses, and develop ever-enhancing “lifecycle” security solutions, creating a reliable and managed information security defense for enterprises.