Cisco, TIM and Noovle partner to develop cloud solutions


Cisco, TIM and Noovle, the Group’s cloud company, have signed a partnership for the development of cloud activities for businesses and public administrations. Under the agreement, the partners will launch a shared path to create cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and support the migration of businesses toward hybrid working models, characterised by new technological requirements.

The collaboration will make it possible to offer innovative, integrated and end-to-end solutions to large businesses, SMEs and public administrations. The parties will leverage their respective infrastructure and expertise, making use, among other things, of the Cisco Co-Innovation Center in Milan dedicated to cybersecurity and data privacy and the TIM Group’s sales network spread across Italy. At the same time, Noovle will provide its own multi-cloud services and solutions, as well as its data centres and around 1,000 dedicated professionals.

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Furthermore, the signatories of the agreement undertake to design next-generation cloud security solutions together, ensuring maximum alignment with European regulations. The partnership will also benefit from the TIM Group’s experience with cloud, the group having joined the GAIA-X project, for the creation of European infrastructure for data sharing and access, in pursuit of digital sovereignty.

“The partnership with Cisco will allow us to assist businesses in the digital transformation challenge using advanced multi-cloud services that ensure efficiency, cost benefits and security”, said Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, Chief Executive Officer of Noovle. “We are providing the public and private sectors with automated platforms and cloud solutions that allow customers’ needs to be managed, from connectivity to services. The activities and projects that we will implement alongside Cisco are in line with the Group’s wider objective to contribute to Italy’s digitisation”.

“Together, we want to make sure that the cloud combined with the network is a solid strategic platform, on which Italian businesses can rely in order to face the challenge of relaunching – by transforming the need to adapt to new scenarios and hybrid working environments into leverage for competitiveness. To do so, we must develop a secure and highly automated infrastructure to integrate network and cloud, which guarantees security for the applications and services it supports, for any user, anywhere, with any device. It is a fundamental step for helping businesses and Italy make full use of the digital leverage”, commented Paolo Campoli, Cisco Vice President, Global Service Provider.