Cisco Targets Enterprise and Launches ‘Small Cell Partner’ Program


Cisco has launched its ‘Small Cell Enterprise Select’, a program that is directed towards enabling mobile network operators to effectively scale small cell deployments for enterprises that are in need of cost-effective mobility solutions.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, while only 4 percent of global business Internet traffic was mobile in 2013, by 2018 it will reach 14 percent. With the industry already challenged by in-building connectivity and employee mobility, the Cisco Small Cell Enterprise Select program provides a mutually beneficial model for partners, mobile operators and enterprises to enable a seamless, scalable and intelligent solution.

With Cisco Small Cell Enterprise Select, Cisco has invested in a service methodology that allows mobile operators to certify Cisco partners and support demand generation and market opportunity for in-building services, enabling wide-scale deployment of enterprise small cells with lower cost of customer acquisition and deployment.

By engaging a partner ecosystem that has been enabling enterprise mobility for over a decade, the new model enables enterprise customers to engage with a single trusted partner to provide in-building solution that delivers true mobility, regardless of whether it’s over Wi-Fi, 3G and/or long-term evolution (LTE).

Speaking about this initiative, Ed Chang, Vice President, Small Cell Technology Group, Cisco, said, “We’re approaching the small cell market in a new and unique way that will keep costs down while allowing deployments to scale, creating the environment needed for enterprise small cells to cross the adoption curve chasm. Cisco and our partners have the radio frequency expertise, enterprise relationships, and the self-organizing network technology mobile operators need to quickly and easily deploy small cells indoors.”