Cisco Enabling Service Provider Transformation to Embrace IoT Services


As digital disruption intensifies, telcos are increasingly searching for relevance in a complex, hyper-connected world, Cisco says, its expanding suite of technologies will simplify transformation into next-generation IoT service providers.

The technologies, a combination of hardware and software, provide a one-stop shop for telcos to capitalize on the estimated $11 trillion value at stake from the “always on” IoT world. New hardware like the LoRaWAN solution will not only take networks to places where they have never been before but also enable new IoT services that existing cellular and Wi-Fi technologies cannot address, such as smart parking and connected trash bins. This will open up new markets and generate new revenue streams for service providers.

As the massive explosion of connected devices exerts greater pressure on current networks, service providers are being forced to make real time amendments or additions to their network that software solutions are best placed to satisfy. With an anticipated three-fold increase in APAC Internet traffic by 2020, service providers are also set to be required to handle and manage massive volumes of data and then transform it into intelligence that powers new services, customer experiences and business models.

The virtualization and analytics features in Cisco’s portfolio, not only fulfils the management and analysis requirements of this new and complex world but will also anticipate trends and usage patterns. Capacity and resources can then be automatically adjusted to address the change, and the enhanced agility allows telcos to cost effectively manage and maintain their network.

“Once again, Cisco is leading the way in digital transformation. With an anticipated 11 billion devices set to be connected, each with different requirements, operating systems and language, our technologies are setting service providers up to succeed and allowing their consumers to reap the benefits,” said Chris Heckscher, Cisco’s Vice President, Service Provider Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan.

Service providers now have the right tools and capabilities to help their private and public sector customers tap into the enormous potential and opportunities that IoT and digitization brings, allowing them to launch, manage and upgrade new applications and smart devices in timescales that were unimaginable even a few years ago.

As service providers strive to make sense of the digital era, technologies and software will be key to keeping them affordable, efficient and adaptable so that they can stay relevant in the digital future.