Cisco, DISH Test 5G Hybrid Cloud Network Slicing Solution

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Cisco and DISH Wireless have announced a proof-of-concept test for a first-of-its kind network slicing solution in a hybrid cloud environment based on Cisco hardware and software.

Network slicing will help DISH Wireless separate and efficiently manage network traffic by use case and application, determining the appropriate performance requirements for each type. The proof-of-concept test with innovative Cisco technology will enable DISH Wireless to offer enterprise customers simplified deployment of 5G services with more meaningful service level agreements (SLAs).

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Committed to Engineering Innovation

Cisco is a leading contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), helping to define the key dimensions of slicing. Together, Cisco and DISH Wireless are working to enable new capabilities in routing and network automation, while providing service assurance and driving simplicity, monetization and sustainability. Cisco has been driving innovation in this area, particularly with “shared slices”, using segment routing and an intent-driven declarative network automation platform that can quickly deploy differentiated services while assuring end-to-end optimization. Cisco introduced the transport slice automation capabilities with Cisco Crosswork Network Controller version 6.0.

“DISH Wireless continues to lead the industry with market firsts, demonstrating our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to help businesses thrive with cloud-powered 5G services,” said Sidd Chenumolu, Vice President of Technology Development at DISH Wireless. “This trial with Cisco aims to prove how DISH has future-proofed its network and can more efficiently manage network slices in a hybrid cloud environment, assuring business customers can provide the trust and reliability they need most to connect more people and things everywhere.”

“Cisco and DISH Wireless continue to innovate and explore new business models to support the needs of enterprise customers,” said Waris Sagheer, Chief Technology Officer, Service Provider, Cisco Networking. “Through testing network slicing in a hybrid cloud, we can help DISH better ensure network performance as part of its service level agreements (SLAs) and automate how the network manages a variety of business applications that each have different requirements for speed and reliability.”