Chunghwa Telecom Taps Ericsson to Launch 5G Services in Taiwan

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Ericsson 5G RAN and core network solutions are in live commercial use in Chunghwa Telecom’s (CHT) 5G network in Taiwan. The communications service provider launched commercial services, the first in Taiwan, on June 30.

Ericsson was announced as a 5G supplier to Chunghwa Telecom in March 2020. Ericsson has deployed Ericsson Radio System 5G non-standalone technology on the 3.5GHz and 2.1GHz bands for CHT. Ericsson is also the sole provider of CHT’s 5G Core network.

In addition to providing enhanced mobile broadband services for mobile subscribers, CHT is developing 5G application uses for industries. Use cases include enterprise private networks, augmented reality for enterprises, smart transportation, smart ambulance/remote care, smart equipment inspection and smart metering.

Chunghwa Telecom becomes Ericsson’s 42nd live 5G network across 25 countries. Ericsson has 95 commercial 5G agreements or contracts with unique communications service providers globally, of which 55 are publicly announced 5G deals.

Ericsson is the first company to launch live commercial 5G networks on four continents. Today, 70 percent of the top service providers evaluated in global public 4G network tests use Ericsson’s radios and basebands, which are the key to 5G performance.

The company’s core solutions are supporting 2.5 billion subscribers from 2G to 5G, representing one-third of the global population. And with the help of its ongoing interoperability engagements with six out of six chipset vendors, our 5G technology is evolving continuously to support a variety of 5G devices.

Chunghwa Telecom is Taiwan’s largest integrated telecommunications services company that provides fixed-line, mobile, broadband, and internet services.

The Company also provides information and communication technology services to corporate customers with its big data, information security, cloud computing and IDC capabilities, and is expanding its business into innovative technology services such as IoT, AI, etc.

In recent years, Chunghwa has been actively involved in corporate social responsibility and has won domestic and international awards and recognition.