China Unicom, Huawei Debut New Solutions on 5G Private Network


At the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Conference 2022 held recently, China Unicom, Huawei, and other partners presented on the latest solutions of China Unicom’s 5G Private Network PLUS product series: the 5G Free-Mobility Private Network solution and the 5G Private Network for Multiple Campuses solution.

As 5G develops apace, services in many sectors are gaining popularity, including mobile offices, remote education, smart tourism, smart logistics, and smart cities. However, the demand for efficient and secure access to intranets has continued to explode in these sectors. China Unicom’s 5G Free-Mobility Private Network solution is specifically designed to address this demand.

The 5G Free-Mobility Private Network solution is developed by China Unicom in collaboration with Huawei and other partners, aiming to provide optimal service experience, high data security, and easy network management.

With the uplink traffic steering technologies to distribute traffic on the network side, this solution allows users to access the Internet and intranet anytime and anywhere without manual authentication and changing their cards or numbers.

The solution also provides end-to-end security features that cover wireless, transport, and core networks, and especially enterprise intranets. Moreover, with the centralized O&M, this solution helps industry customers reduce OPEX and improve efficiency.

The industrial manufacturing sector in China is also in the process of piloting many new industrial 5G applications as part of their digital and intelligent transformations. This process relies on flexible networks that connect multiple campuses across the country and can support rapid synchronization and service replication.

The 5G Private Network for Multiple Campuses solution was created specifically to meet these needs. This solution uses China Unicom’s One Telco Cloud for 5G PNI-NPN together with distributed edge networks and cloud-network-edge synergy to create a 5GC B2B network architecture.

This architecture allows private network configurations to be baselined and script-based, so that different campus networks can be uniformly built and maintained. This solution can also integrate innovative network capabilities such as 5G positioning and 5G LAN, to better replicate innovations from a single site across the entire network.

These new solutions are just two of many of the 5G Private Network PLUS series. Huawei will continue helping China Unicom strengthen its competitive advantages through One Telco Cloud and working together to popularize 5G applications and the digital economy.