China Mobile, ZTE arrange 5G CampSite for emergency communications

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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, together with the Sichuan Branch of China Mobile, has delivered 5G CampSite to Shimian County, Sichuan Province, rapidly providing a comprehensive emergency communications guarantee system, rescuing mobile phones and emergency communication backhaul in the command center and temporary shelters.

This is the first time that 5G CampSite has been used in emergency rescue scenarios. Developed by ZTE together with China Mobile, the 5G CampSite is the small movable 5G base station with cloud functions. Supporting 7/24 plug-and-play, it features high performance in latency and coverage, and local data real-time calculation.

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In the stricken area, there were high requirements on images, videos, and voice information transmission. Within one hour after arriving at the area, 5G CampSite immediately started to run to guarantee communications.

The integrated RF antenna equipment provided the disaster-stricken residents with 4/5G multi-frequency multi-system capacity. In addition, the CampSite connected to the local emergency command center through Edge Computing Engine to build a wireless rescue private network.

The difference between 5G CampSite and the traditional dedicated UPF+MEC lies in that the former only needs to insert one board into the existing equipment, without occupying any further supporting resources.

However, the traditional UPF+MEC at least needs three servers, two switches and two firewalls, with its power consumption over 3kW. Through the local computing power private network of 5G CampSite, rescuers and command centers can share rescue images, videos, and voice information. And the latency in local information exchange is reduced by 80% with 20Gbps processing capability, so that the rescue speed can be greatly improved.

As rescue was moving forwards, the rescue groups needed to move from Xinmin Town to the front line, and big and heavy emergency communication vehicles could not reach there. On-site engineers immediately deployed a wireless multi-level cascading solution as well as multiple 5G CampSites to extend the coverage of the private network, to guarantee the front line rescue operations in a harsh environment.

In upcoming days, ZTE and the Sichuan Branch of China Mobile would continue to work together, to coordinate the emergency, transmission, power, and satellite systems, and employ 5G CampSites to solve the network coverage and capacity problems for the residential shelters, making their contributions to rescue work.