China Mobile Taps VIAVI to Enable 5G Network Validation


Viavi Solutions has announced that the company has delivered 5G O-RAN fronthaul and optical transport test solutions to China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), the research division of the world’s largest mobile operator, China Mobile.

As 5G commercial deployments continue to ramp up, and multi-vendor, disaggregated architectures emerge, the need for performance validation and service assurance becomes ever more critical.

As a preferred vendor, VIAVI has worked closely with China Mobile for several years to validate the performance of 5G infrastructure: from early days in the lab, to field deployment and operations. This collaboration includes development of Slicing Packet Network (G.MTN) with FlexE interface technology for next-generation 5G transport.

In the next phase of G.MTN advancement, VIAVI has delivered the ONT-800 Optical Network Tester for CMRI to conduct performance testing and validation of G.MTN interfaces and related protocols. By leveraging network slicing in their 5G transport network, China Mobile benefits from key advantages of G.MTN technology, such as high bandwidth, low latency, ultra-high precision synchronization, software-defined centralized management, and scalability.

Additionally, VIAVI has provided China Mobile with the VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-5800 100G network tester for O-RAN link analysis in the 5G fronthaul network. The T-BERD/MTS-5800 network tester enables China Mobile technicians to conduct end-to-end system testing, fault isolation and root cause analysis, as well as single-vendor and cross-vendor interoperability testing — a crucial capability when deploying open, multi-vendor O-RAN infrastructure.

“We are honored to work with China Mobile, a true pioneer in advancing 5G,” said Jonus Chen, Vice President, Greater China, VIAVI. “With our rich history in test and measurement around the globe, we have listened for unique requirements in each market such as G.MTN for China, and have developed a specific portfolio of test solutions to facilitate mass 5G adoption.”

“China Mobile is deeply committed to realizing our 5G+ vision to speed integration of ubiquitous, intelligent innovations into all walks of life, enabling industry transformation and inclusive 5G services accessible to all sectors of society,” said Liuyan Han, Technical Director, China Mobile Research Institute. “Validating the performance of our 5G network with the best available testing solutions is key to maintaining the quality of service that our subscribers expect as we evolve to tomorrow’s next-generation infrastructures.”