China Mobile Research Institute, Huawei Unveil White Paper on 5G Calling

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China Mobile Research Institute, Huawei, and other partners jointly released the 5G New Calling Technical White Paper at the 2022 Science and Technology Week & Mobile Information Industry Chain Innovation Conference.

This white paper details the key platform and terminal capabilities required by the groundbreaking 5G calling service: 5G New Calling. It provides technical reference and guidance for partners to develop their platforms, terminals, and chips to align with 5G New Calling and provides a roadmap for all parties to jointly design and develop valuable products, thereby promoting 5G New Calling.

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Call services are central to operators’ business. 5G offers all-new opportunities to redefine call services and enhance user experience. By tapping into the advantages of 5G networks, 5G New Calling optimizes existing services — like UHD voice calls, video calls, and related value-added services — to enable a variety of innovative call services and applications, such as 5G VoNR UHD calls, intelligent translation, fun video calling, intelligent customer service, content sharing, and remote collaboration. By using a range of innovative features in calls, 5G New Calling delivers an interactive communication experience. China Mobile and Huawei are seeking collaboration with terminal industry chains to promote 5G New Calling and create tangible improvements to user experience.

To make 5G New Calling a reality, underlying platform capabilities are required, including network, media processing, and operations & management capabilities. Building on the existing IMS network, 5G New Calling enhances VoNR to enable a range of visual interaction features during calls. 5G New Calling taps into a host of new technologies and services and can provide flexible network infrastructure for a wide range of communication applications in the future.

As for terminal capabilities, 5G New Calling requires terminals to support enhanced VoNR, upgraded chips, and the new service running environment. VoNR-capable terminals can support visual call services based on native video call functions. These terminals can be further upgraded to support enhanced VoNR to achieve real-time data interaction between users, as well as between the cloud and users, thus delivering extraordinary communication experience.

5G New Calling presents all-new call service opportunities. To help seize these opportunities, the 5G New Calling Technical White Paper provides a roadmap for the development of technical standards, chips, and terminals. China Mobile and Huawei look forward to working with more and more partners to upgrade call services, build the industry ecosystem, and take call communication to a whole new level.