China Mobile Opens a Data Center in the United Kingdom


China Mobile International Limited (CMI) officially opened its Data Center in the United Kingdom in early December. This is the first data center opened by CMI in Europe and an integral part of its expanding global network. On the one hand it is an international interconnection hub and on the other an IDC (Internet Data Center).

This data center is part of the “Belt and Road” initiative, providing connectivity and strengthening ties between Asia and Europe.

Asia and Europe are business partners with significant interregional investment flows and a growing collaboration in education and research among other areas. With excellent fiber connectivity, a stable energy supply network and a highly skilled IT workforce, the United Kingdom is also a major data hub in Europe.

By extending its global network of data centers to the United Kingdom, CMI accompanies the increased demand for connectivity of multinational companies in Asia Pacific and Europe in a new era of digital globalization. The UK Data Center is linked to the newly opened CMI Data Center in Singapore, with its Global Network Center (CNG) in Hong Kong (China) as well as with its extensive global infrastructure for mobile communications and Cloud services. Currently CMI is also building its own data center in Frankfurt, Germany, among other sites.

Through the direct connection to the WCC regional ring in Europe and the Asia-Europe SMW-5 cable system, the UK Data Center is linked to the WCC Asia Pacific submarine cable systems: SJC, APG and SJC2 . This allows connections within and between Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific, offering business customers a wide range of high-speed connectivity based on the extensive global CMI network.

The CMI Data Center in the United Kingdom can also take advantage of the resources of terrestrial cable systems covering the Belt and Road region, in particular the Europe-Asia Transit 2 network (TEA-2), the network of Transit Europe-Asia 3 (TEA-3), the network of Europe-Russia-Mongolia-China (ERMC), and the diverse Route for European and Asian markets (DREAM). The WCC global network provides quick access to more than 300 cities in 31 provinces and regions of mainland China.

As one of the Cloud Connect PoPs (Cloud connection presence point) that provides access to public Cloud providers and exchange platforms in the Cloud, the UK Data Center also allows companies to implement hybrid and multi-solution solutions. cloud and interconnect its networks around the world, offering agile and professional Cloud-Red integration as well as comprehensive management services.

“The opening of our new data center in the United Kingdom indicates the commitment of CMI in the development of secure and reliable high-speed connections worldwide and we continue to see a strong demand for connectivity, cloud and content distribution solutions among Asia Pacific and Europe, but also between the Middle East and Africa regions, “said Dr. Li Feng, President and CEO of China Mobile International Ltd.

“In the era of big data, data centers have a key role in facilitating the exchange of information. CMI provides professional one-stop services, which offers companies worry-free opportunities to expand their business activity. Our Kingdom Data Center United provides a powerful platform to meet the needs of the financial sector, Internet companies and other digitalization sectors, both now and in the future, “added Dr. Li.

Located in Slough, the CMI Data Center in the United Kingdom hosts more than 1600 racks. It has obtained TCDD Tier III datacenter standards from the Uptime Institute and offers 99.99% service and energy availability.

In addition to the robust design of three independent fiber cable ducts, the installation has a double power supply from two different power substations. The power supply system is backed by 2N transformers and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipped with a 10-minute auxiliary battery at full load. The data center cooling system has N + 1 free cooling units and N + 3 water-cooled CRAC units for each computer room, where six-minute refrigerated water storage is reserved for an auxiliary continuous cooling system. The installation has a N + 1 diesel generator configuration with 24-hour fuel storage at full load.

CMI is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions and comprehensive services that include value-added services such as professional placement, interconnection as well as remote manual assistance.

Thanks to its broad global coverage of cable systems, presence points and data centers, CMI will continue to consolidate its presence worldwide and maximize the synergies of its data centers to achieve efficient convergence and agility, providing international customers with access global with high bandwidth connectivity.

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