China Mobile Hong Kong Achieves 5G Standalone network trial

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China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is Hong Kong’s first mobile network operator to have successfully accomplished 5G Standalone (SA) network test and also completed the first voice over NR (VoNR) call.

The radio cell sites supporting both 5G SA and NSA network are now installed for trial test at China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre Hong Kong Open Lab in Hong Kong Science Park and Mita Internet Data Centre in Kwai Chung.

Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, says, “We are very excited about the successful installation and trial of 5G SA network as it is the utmost target in CMHK’s 5G development. The 5G SA network is built on Service Based Architecture (SBA) that features three essential capabilities including Network Slicing, Mobile Edge Computing and VoNR. However, we are now installing 5G NR radio equipment at the existing 4G LTE base stations, in order to launch 5G services with NSA infrastructure as soon as possible.”

5G SA enables Network Slicing, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and VoNR

5G network is an important technology foundation that supports smart city development and facilitates digital transformation of various industries. 5G network serves as an essential catalyst for technology innovation in various fields.

Comparing with NSA, 5G SA is equipped with a new 5G Core which is a cloud native and SBA network. 5G Core enables network slicing to deliver dedicated and customised networks with specific QoS and resources for 5G applications in different industries.

Network Slicing helps mobile network operators to explore new business model and revenue potential, through the expansion from B2C to B2B markets.

MEC enables cloud computing capabilities and IT resources at the customer edge of cellular network. With the separation of control and user plane, 5G Core in SA network can optimise MEC deployment by delivering a distributed computing environment in mobile network.

It facilitates application and service hosting that require fast response time and high security. 5G SA network also allows mobile operators to open their network and MEC capabilities to authorised third parties in developing innovative application and content. At the moment, it is envisaged that MEC is an essential capability for the advancement of a number of vertical industries including intelligent manufacturing, live cloud games and V2X.

5G VoNR is the prime solution to support high quality voice and video call connectivity in 5G SA infrastructure. Both voice and data connections are conveyed in 5G SA network. The breakthrough today signifies China Mobile Hong Kong’s full readiness in delivering 5G network ability and VoNR voice call on 5G SA network.