Ceragon Drives 4G Broadband Coverage to MUNI S.A in Equatorial Guinea


Ceragon Networks Ltd., has been selected by MUNI S.A, a mobile operator in Equatorial Guinea, to modernize and expand its network to deliver 4G services covering the country’s mainland and its island capital.

With this project, MUNI S.A aims to achieve nationwide mobile broadband service coverage and bridge the digital divide for the people on its remote island capital. In support of this goal, Ceragon has deployed the longest known microwave backhaul link, extending over 240 Km over the Gulf of Guinea. This project is valued at $3.4 Million, with shipments commencing in Q1 2019. Ceragon expects this project to be completed within 2019.

MUNI S.A challenged Ceragon to deliver much awaited 4G services to the islands’ over 330,000 residents, and connect the island to the mainland – a huge task considering the long distance involved. Ceragon met the challenge by successfully deploying a 4G longhaul microwave link spanning an impressive 240KM over the Gulf of Guinea, from the mainland shore to the island. Typical microwave longhaul links only span as far as 50 – 70km.

The IP-20 Platform delivers reliable and durable 4G backbone capacity over sea water and challenging climates, such as those present in Africa’s tropical ocean seashore, and excels in overcoming harsh high frequency microwave signal propagation challenges in these conditions. Having deployed thousands of wireless backbone links from islands to shore for numerous service providers worldwide, Ceragon’s skilled professional services and network rollout teams were well prepared to meet MUNI S.A’s challenge and set a record-long operational 4G backbone microwave link.

With Ceragon, MUNI S.A is able to ensure a high quality of service 4G network that utilizes significantly less resources, such as energy consumption and real estate on towers – all of which are key when deploying a network in a resource-scarce African landscape.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Ceragon Networks to transition our 2G/3G services to 4G”, said Oumar Bonkoungou, CEO at MUNI S.A. “Ceragon has successfully met our challenge in order to provide high speed 4G wireless backbone between our country’s island capital and the mainland. With this remarkable achievement, we can also increase our subscriber base and improve our 4G services to our customers in the 2 largest cities of the country.”

“Ceragon is proud to have been selected to help light up a 4G mobile broadband network for the people of Equatorial Guinea,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. We are happy to be part of the initiative to bridge the digital divide to a significant part of the population that has been waiting for mobile broadband services in the country’s island capital. This accomplishment is a testament to the quality of our professional services and deployment teams, and of course our leading wireless backhaul technology. With a current mobile penetration rate of only 60%, Equatorial Guinea has great growth potential, and Ceragon is pleased to enable MUNI S.A to provide nationwide connectivity and expand its customer base.”