CeBIT Set to Bring ICT World Spotlight on India


Reverberating huge set of opportunities for India as a favored destination for global IT and communications industry, CeBIT, the globally much revered ICT exposition is all set reach the city of Bengaluru, India during 12th – 14th November, 2014.

Mehul Lanvers Shah – Managing Director, HMFI India speaks with Zia Askari from about the way maiden CeBIT India is shaping up and why it is important for a country like India.

Mehul Lanvers Shah Managing Director, HMFI India
Mehul Lanvers Shah Managing Director, HMFI India

What are the key priorities for CeBIT Bangalore 2014?

CeBIT India intends to bring the IT world together at Bangalore. Dedicated to boost the Indian IT & ITeS market with a platform for generating new national and international business opportunities, drive profitability & growth in India with an exposure to the International markets, CeBIT India will offer an innovative perspective with a unique combination of services and benefits.

The event will seek to meet the objectives of:

Generating sustainable growth for the Business IT and ICT industry in India
Lead generation of new national and international business opportunities
Driving new technology trends through inspiring content delivered by national and global thought leaders
Showcasing the future of IT Business to global and national audiences

What kind of market response are you getting from India so far? Which are some of the big segments like ITES, Ecommerce, IT services etc which are showing most of the interest to participate in this event?

CeBIT will be held in India for the very first time and it is an exciting moment for us indeed. The top decision makers of the Indian IT industry will be present at CeBIT India to discuss the growth story of the Indian IT Industry and share their thoughts on the vision for the next year. CeBIT India has received an incredible response from the industry, right from large scale corporations to small and medium enterprises, to starts ups.

CeBIT India has a strong cluster of partners including IBM, Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd., Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Sandisk, Electronic Payment & Services Pvt. Ltd., NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Micronova Impex Private Limited, Technosoft Global Services Pvt Ltd., State Government of Victoria (Australia), and Tangoe Inc. The show has also received active participation from various countries – UKTI, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Japan, China, USA, Quebec (Canada), Victoria (Australia), and Middle East.

What are some of the clear differentiators of this mega event that are set to create a mark of its own in India?

CeBIT India will focus on 4 key trends impacting the IT industry- Cloud, Social Media, Enterprise Mobility and Big Data. The show aims to be a source of new ideas, display of local talent, showcase of latest trends and projects, driver of new business, meeting place for all sectors of the industry and solution provider to increasing sector demands. CeBIT India will act as an enabler and catalyst for growth in the Indian IT and ICT market.

Indian government is already engaged in its ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ campaigns – How can an event like this help in propelling these two initiatives further?

Digital India aims at providing 1.7 crore job opportunities to the youth, almost 8.5 million people will benefit from these employment opportunities. The Government, through its policy initiatives, seeks to transform the Indian electronics manufacturing sector to a USD 400 billion market by 2020. CeBIT India aims to take this initiative further by bringing the spotlight on the electronic manufacturing ecosystem in the country.

We, at HMFI, believe that local electronics manufacturing can play a crucial part in the development of the Global and Indian IT economy, and that small and medium scale businesses are key to developing the local ecosystem. While India is making significant progress in recognizing the potential of local manufacturing, CeBIT India is an ideal platform to build and attract the opportunities in electronics system designing and manufacturing.

CeBIT’s goal is to encourage investment, adoption of new technologies and catalyze innovation & entrepreneurship in India’s ESDM sector. CeBIT’s strong partnerships with key IT associations like MAIT, IESA, and STPI further fortifies the show’s strong reverberance in the Indian IT/ITeS industry.

India has got a diversified set of neighbors in the form of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal etc…how can these countries take benefit from this mega event happening in Bangalore? Is there any special offer for delegates from these SAARC nations?

This year, our focus has been to reach out to the home grown companies as well as international companies with offices in India. We have received good response from – UKTI, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Japan, China, USA, Quebec (Canada), Victoria (Australia), and Middle East.

We have received interest from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to visit CeBIT India and we’ve extended the same services or offers we extend to our local companies. These countries have a lot to benefit – witnessing the new technologies and potential, creating new partnerships, government relations, understanding and easing bilateral trade agreements, etc.