CDG Picks Rackspace and AWS to Drive Digital Transformation


Rackspace Technology, an end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, has worked to position telecommunications market leader and innovator Communications Data Group (CDG) for broadband market changes and growth by migrating the company’s business support system (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS) platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud from legacy infrastructure.

CDG, based in Champaign, Illinois, was founded in 1970 to provide scalable, accurate billing and operational support solutions for retail and wholesale telecommunications carriers and service providers.

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Among the ambitious goals on its to-do list to position its OSS/BSS solutions for market growth, CDG’s technology team recognized that it needed to move from legacy, on-premises systems to cloud technology. To accomplish this CDG looked to AWS as the solution, and the company turned to Onica by Rackspace Technology™ to help.

“As we began our digital transformation journey, we relied on the deep expertise of Rackspace Technology to guide our move to AWS. Our vision was for CDG’s business support system (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS) solutions to reach new classes of providers and bring more people online using AWS,” said Tony Stout, Chief Technology Officer at CDG. “We were motivated to access the advantages of AWS while focusing on our core strengths of designing and building enterprise software solutions. We also knew we would need outside experts to help us build the cloud platform we wanted to build and working with Rackspace was an easy choice.”

With AWS and access to trusted experts at Rackspace Technology, CDG developed a phased approach to identify specific areas AWS could help them scale. CDG continues transitioning to a suite of services to help it meet that goal, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS Transit Gateway, Amazon Aurora Serverless, and Amazon Simple Storage Service. The infrastructure migration project gives CDG the ability to provide nearly limitless scalability and to serve providers of any size in North America on AWS through a single platform and common infrastructure.

“The biggest benefit to CDG was accelerating the migration. Having all five data and engineering practices in our delivery group made it seamless for CDG to work with us on all phases of the digital transformation,” said D K Sinah, President of Public Cloud for Rackspace Technology. “The partnership also helped make for a more comfortable transition inside CDG, where team members naturally came on board with a healthy dose of skepticism about moving away from legacy systems. We look forward to working with CDG on a long-term strategy to build modern applications and expand its platform.”