CCW 2019: Automatic network switchover becomes inherent with Airbus’ Dabat Hybrid Roaming


Airbus presents an avant-garde solution offering a seamless switchover between Tetra and LTE technologies, to be implemented on one device, the Tactilon Dabat.

Airbus’ new development, Dabat Hybrid Roaming, makes its grand entrance during the Critical Communications World 2019 in Kuala Lumpur.

The new solution, a unique combination between Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat hybrid terminal and the Tactilon Agnet 800 Solution, will bring ease and simplicity to daily operations thanks to state-of-the-art seamless switchover technology. The new solution will extend and secure end users’ operations by maximising the benefits of hybrid network communication.

The Airbus Tactilon Dabat hybrid terminal combines and offers both Tetra and LTE radio technologies in one unique terminal. The end user can finally perform their daily duties without being restricted solely to the Tetra radio coverage available. Tactilon Agnet 800 is an app for smart devices such as the Tactilon Dabat. It enables use of features such as push-to-talk, status notifications, text messaging, and emergency calls on the Tactilon Dabat. Group communication with other professional radio carriers or the control room is also possible.

Dabat Hybrid Roaming extends Tetra radio coverage by switching to LTE coverage through the Tactilon Agnet 800 application installed on the device. This enables a seamless network change which supports public safety operations and maximises the benefits of hybrid communications.The security of the solution is preserved because all Tactilon Agnet traffic is securely protected via the secure client VPN.

These technologies are designed by Airbus to function in a completely transparent and fluid manner. Initially, Tactilon Dabat’s primary mode of operation is to use the Tetra network. In the event of lack of coverage, the end-users can now benefit from an instant and seamless switchover from Tetra to LTE to maintain their mission and business critical operations.

On top of the smooth transition between both Tetra and public or private LTE Public Safety solutions proposed by the new feature, the user can benefit from all the fundamental Tactilon Dabat characteristics, such as individual voice calls and messaging with status reports, group calls, group messaging, and emergency calls.