CCI Systems Taps Calix AXOS to Accelerate Cable Operators Transition to FTTH

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Calix, Inc. has announced that system integrator and Calix Certified Partner CCI Systems (CCI) is leveraging Calix Software Defined PON solutions to enhance their portfolio of services for cable operators.

Through this partnership, CCI’s customers will be able to benefit from the award-winning AXOS platform to quickly deliver always-on services over GPON, NG-PON2, or 10G EPON technologies. As CCI guides this transformation from DOCSIS based hybrid-fiber coax (HFC) to an all-fiber network, their cable operator customers are well positioned with Calix AXOS to adopt SDN control and orchestration into their networks at their own pace while adding the flexibility afforded to them through the portability of AXOS to virtualize network functions.

“Few in our industry will deny that FTTH is the end game for cable operators,” stated Todd Gingrass, Solution Director for Access and Media technologies at CCI Systems. “This partnership between Calix and CCI Systems provides our clients the ability to adopt PON technology while also taking advantage of all that the AXOS platform has to offer. If an operator wants to deploy PON as an overlay to their HFC network or if they opt for a complete FTTH overhaul, Calix Software Defined PON solutions will be able to meet their unique needs. We are currently assisting Click! Network, Packerland Broadband, Vast Broadband, and several other cable operators as they deploy Calix.”


Calix and CCI are seeing a strong preference among cable operators of all sizes to deploy all-fiber solutions in their greenfield opportunities. They also are experiencing a burgeoning interest in Software Defined PON as the technology of choice in these “clean-slate” deployments. However, both companies are also beginning to see many operators in ultra-competitive environments and in more rural and suburban settings plan to cap investment in their traditional HFC networks. Instead, they are increasing their deployment of fiber to every subscriber. Whether it is a greenfield expansion or a brownfield upgrade, CCI and Calix have gained deep deployment expertise from real-world HFC to all-fiber network transformations. Their partnership provides cable operators with the innovation and expert guidance to accelerate the transformation of their networks, their operational models, and their businesses.


“There is no question that cable operators globally are feeling the pressure to rapidly deliver new services and maintain their competitive edge, while also recognizing the need to transition to software-defined, virtualized, and agile networks to keep ahead of the pack,” said Michael Weening, Calix executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Calix Software Defined PON solutions, built on AXOS, the world’s only SDA, give cable operators a foundation that can support both DOCSIS and SDN today. The combination of CCI and Calix provides a powerful option for cable operators to make their move to fiber and SDN now – balancing their need to stay ahead of the market while transforming their operational models at their own pace.”