Cato Networks Taps Epsilon to Expand its Global SD-WAN Capabilities


Epsilon, a privately owned global communications Service Provider, has partnered with Cato Networks, provider of Cato Cloud, the world’s first secure, global SD-WAN as a Service, to expand its SD-WAN capabilities and offer customers cutting edge technologies.

The partnership allows Epsilon to offer high performance and cost-efficient Cloud-based SD-WAN services that improve last-mile network performance and security.

Using the secure, global SD-WAN, delivered as a service, Epsilon partners can benefit from improved last-mile performance and reduce complexities in managing their services that’s all protected by a tightly integrated set of security solutions. Epsilon will mesh its global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Enterprise Ethernet and MPLS Access service with Cato Networks’ SD-WAN capabilities as part of a bundled solution.

“We are working with Cato Networks to enhance our offering for our partners all over the world. They are a highly valued partner and important addition to our ecosystem,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO, Epsilon. “With our SD-WAN service, we are using orchestration to create an environment of high-performance solutions and rapid on-demand connectivity that supports next-gen technologies. We are working with best-in-class technology partners to deliver comprehensive solutions for users and accelerate innovation in global networking.”

Cato Networks’ core offering is a Cloud service that integrates edge SD-WAN and network security services. Security is built in the SD-WAN service so that customers no longer need additional firewall appliances which are complex to setup and maintain. Epsilon will provide a simple and easy-to-use portal that improves customer experience on day-to-day operations.

“SD-WAN is defining the future of global networking and changing what is possible for both Service Providers and Enterprises. We are excited to be partnering with Epsilon and supporting its unique vision for hyperconnected, hyper-scalable and on-demand networking across the globe,” said Stree Naidu, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Cato Networks. “Epsilon and its partners will benefit from secure and high-performance connectivity in the middle and last-mile. Together, we are delivering the future of SD-WAN.”

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