How Carrier Ethernet can Transform Telco Cloud Strategy


By Zia Askari

With service providers looking forward to catering to the needs of the enterprise community, cloud computing is one of the big area of focus where operators are positioning their offering and this is where Carrier grade Ethernet can provide the much needed service assurance to strengthen operators cloud strategy towards enterprise customers.

Internet is a predominant method of delivering cloud services today and larger enterprises are quite hesitant to move their mission-critical applications to the cloud when delivered via the Internet and this is where a trusted technology like carrier Ethernet can enhance the enterprise trust in cloud. So, when operators deploy Carrier Ethernet driven cloud, it surely takes care of the service delivery in an undisrupted manner and automatically enhances the service provider bond with its enterprise customer.

Cloud Service Delivery Challenges over the Internet

Security Vulnerabilities, Data Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Performance

Cloud Service Delivery via Carrier Ethernet

Predictable Performance, Secure, Control of Data Governance and
Regulatory Compliance

Hence in today’s scenario a technology like carrier grade Ethernet can seamlessly remove internet delivery issues for mission critical apps for operator’s enterprise customers. And enterprise can utilize carrier Ethernet to connect between cloud providers and as far as operators are concerned, they can utilize it to connect their cloud customers.

And in today’s scenario where operators look for new age avenues to monetize the network, this could very well become a great opportunity for additional revenue generation for the operator community, driving new management APIs and most importantly carrier grade Ethernet can also redefine the way operators provide data center solutions to their enterprise customers.

Carrier Ethernet in Cloud Providers

In addition to being a preferred medium for operator’s enterprise customers, carrier grade Ethernet can also be taken up with various cloud providers and it has its own unique benefits to this segment.

Driven by carrier Ethernet, cloud service providers can enables new Private Cloud business opportunities, targeting the large enterprise customer which, are looking for such secured and reliable cloud opportunities. This can also become a huge differentiator for cloud service providers and create value for their overall offering and reliability in the market.

Additionally, Ethernet Cloud Carriers can enable telecoms providers to deliver mission-critical Cloud-based services to their enterprise set of customers and telecoms providers can leverage well-established, trusted relationship with their enterprise subscribers.

On the other hand, as far as Enterprise Cloud Consumer is concerned, carrier Ethernet can surely put enterprise IT department in complete control of their IT infrastructure a much increased reliability and at the same time, meets enterprise requirements for high performance, secure and controlled access to mission critical applications that an enterprise always wants for its business users.

Intertwined Cloud and Carrier Ethernet – Made for Each Other

Many experts say that this is a technological symphony of sorts as it is Carrier Grade Ethernet which can truly catapult the concepts of Cloud Computing to the next level, especially when it comes to enterprise class cloud solutions. Carrier Ethernet can become the fabric on which, telcos can deliver enterprise class cloud applications and give a whole new meaning to the idea of scalable on-demand computing resource delivery, maintenance and utilization.

Over the past may years, Carrier-grade Ethernet has come into its own and is now an access solution widely accepted by enterprise users. And it is one medium on which these business users can confidently rely to carry not only data traffic, but also deliver voice and video driven application functionality. Carrier Ethernet technology ability to deliver cost-effective, scalable bandwidth is an ideal and natural solution to enable cloud computing scenario for the next generation enterprise.

As a technologically advanced medium, Carrier Ethernet is a great mechanism for delivering of business driven and agility enabled services to a set of enterprise segments. For the operators this could drive much needed flexibility to scale up and down their services – as needed by an enterprise, and deliver those services with the backing of Carrier Ethernet service level agreement guarantees providing transport.

Driven by a triple-play combination of flexible, scalable pricing, simple implementation and low overhead OpEx model, Carrier Ethernet can provide a seamless mechanism for operators, when it comes to moving services to the cloud.

With the help of Carrier Ethernet can further drive innovation for operators in terms of delivering VPNs to the enterprise, operating “private clouds” and managing computing resources in a secure fashion. This could also instill better confidence level towards sourcing cloud services in an enterprise environment.


As we move towards future and service providers look for innovating on new age revenue streams, interworking of Carrier Ethernet with Cloud, could create new revenue streams and at the same time provide fault tolerant, high-availability cloud services by using redundant data links and distributed data centers, putting in place robust SLAs for cloud services that can be delivered right to the doors of enterprise customers. Moving forward, this could very well decide the next generation winners in the modern telco ecosystem.

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