Cardtek: “Our payment solutions offer innovative options with convenient payment processing for mobile phones”


Erdal Yazmaci, General Manager of Cardtek, speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s core focus today, its growing customer base and how it is bringing innovation to the mobile payment segment for telecom operators.

What are key priorities for the company today?

Our key priority is to continue integrating our solutions globally. As a one-stop-source of mobile and traditional payment solutions, we are currently targeting U.S., Europe and other key markets with our creative solutions for a more secure payments industry.

There are a number of mobile wallet solutions and applications available on the market today – how do you create differentiation?

We have almost a decade-long experience in the mobile payments industry with knowledge in every value chain of the payments ecosystem (terminals, cards, acquiring, issuing). We have been implementing innovative mobile payment products having unique abilities in terms of HCE, in-app payment, wearable payment, Secure Element-based payment, which were implemented for global companies like MasterCard, T-mobile and many others.

Our integrated solutions, quantity and quality of our talent, and our customer-centric approach are our key differentiators in the industry.


What kind of value does your solution bring for the end user customer?

Our mobile payment solutions offer the end user numerous options through convenient payment processing with mobile phones, which is compliant with industry-expected security standards. Cardtek solutions offer all different use cases like proximity payment with NFC, in-app payment, and remote payment.

End users can use their mobile phones or wearable devices to perform a payment transaction in different retail environments. For example, in one of the recent projects, we implemented a solution for payment in gas stations, where customers can carry out payment without getting out of their cars.

Their mobile phones securely communicate with the gas pump and get all payment related information to the mobile app. By just confirming the transaction in the mobile app, the transaction is completed.

Today’s operators look for innovative ways to deliver unique digital experiences to its customer. How can you help in this regard?

We have worked with operators like Deutsche Telekom and Turkcell for various projects. Operators, having a wide-range of customers, want to offer their end users value added services through mobile wallet apps. Cardtek solutions enable the operator’s platform to integrate to the Service Providers like Transit, Ticketing, Loyalty for value added services and securely provision applications into the SIM card of the operators.

What kind of global geographies are you targeting?

Our priority markets are North America and Europe. However, we have a strong presence and have high activities in Asian countries, especially India.

Please share details on the approximate number of customers using your solutions today?

There are around 200 customers in 26 countries using Cardtek solutions.