Canada’s Sogetel Taps Calix to Enable 65 Percent Take Rate, 88 Percent Reduction of Cost-Per-Click

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Canadian service provider leverages real-time behavioral insights to drive subscription upgrades and stop the competition by ensuring an optimal experience for streaming subscribers

Calix, Inc. has announced Canadian communications service provider (CSP) Sogetel is leveraging Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) to create a data-driven marketing campaign that is generating a 65 percent take rate among streamers.

The insights revealed that 78 percent of subscribers who considered themselves “high streamers” were in low service tiers with 25 Mbps or less. To stay ahead of the aggressive marketing from regional and national competitors while accounting for new streaming and gaming services, Sogetel engaged customers with a tailored campaign that led with a free 90-day upgrade offer.

Armed with the right insights, Sogetel developed a targeted campaign to match individual subscribers with the right service tiers and is working closely with Calix Customer Success Services to leverage best practices to accelerate time to value.

Due to the real-time behavioral insights and best practices, Sogetel has estimated its Facebook advertising cost per click has reduced by 88 percent and its Facebook ad budget has been cut in half. The information has proven invaluable in other outreach efforts as well.

Outbound phone calls have generated a 65 percent take rate, and results have been similarly striking with email, which has produced open rates greater than 50 percent with a 10 percent conversion rate.

“Our number one priority is to take care of our subscribers, so we wanted to understand their network usage and needs as much as possible,” said Manon Godin, director of marketing and product management for Sogetel. “Calix Marketing Cloud has been instrumental in giving us the information we need, so we can reach out to them in a meaningful way. We are always willing to test and try new things, so we were excited to implement a social aspect to this campaign along with our outbound calling and work with Calix Customer Success Services. The insights we have gained so far also give us specific learnings that we can use for future marketing efforts to fend off competition and assure our subscribers that we are providing the best possible experience.”

Quebec-based Sogetel offers telecommunications services to residential and business customers with one of the largest fiber optic networks in the province, connecting several major cities including Montreal and Quebec City. The CSP has been a Calix AXOS® customer for years but recently added CMC, running two test campaigns over the summer before beginning the current campaign in late September. The omni-channel campaign includes initial engagement with subscribers via Facebook advertising and email, followed by outbound calling. Sogetel plans to kick off its next campaign with a retention-focused strategy in January.

“For a service provider in an extremely competitive environment, as Sogetel is, data-driven proactive marketing is key to remaining ahead,” said Michael Weening, executive VP of field operations for Calix. “In years past, this was the domain of big companies who could afford expensive data warehouses and an army of analysts to mine the data. Calix Marketing Cloud has changed that paradigm, allowing service providers of any size to arm frontline marketers with real-time data and actionable insights to execute campaigns that deliver results. Data allows Sogetel’s marketing teams to provide the right custom experiences to the right subscribers, as their needs change with the market. Sogetel can now proactively engage subscribers through new streaming services such as Disney+ or new video game platforms such as Google Stadia™. The platform is only part of what Calix provides. A dedicated customer success team is engaged at all times to ensure that we are adding value at every step of their evolving marketing journey.”