CALLUP to Showcase Innovations on Wi-Fi Calling at CommunicAsia 2017


CALLUP, a provider of Value Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for the telecom industry, will showcase a new version of its Wi-Fi calling system at CommunicAsia2017, to be held May 23–25, 2017 in Singapore.

The new version will be displayed at CALLUP’s booth (at the Israeli Pavilion – 1E2-01). The new version enhances user’s ability to use a Wi-Fi hotspot not only to make calls in buildings, but also while roaming.

“CALLUP originally developed its Wi-Fi calling solution to help carriers solve one of the most critical problems in the cellular industry: poor cellular phone coverage in buildings,” said Alon Roth, CALLUP’s CEO. “Following the enthusiasm we saw among mobile operators, we came to the conclusion that the solution can also be valuable in roaming, helping both carriers and subscribers.”

Although Wi-Fi Calling for roaming is effective mostly in urban environments, today an increasing number of municipal free Wi-Fi networks are being installed worldwide. Travelers currently switch to applications allowing them to use Wi-Fi for calling while they are in the hotel or a restaurant, but CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling allows them to use Wi-Fi networks transparently for voice calls.

“It seamlessly and transparently connects you to the Wi-Fi network, and you dial the number as if you are connected to a regular cellular network,” said Roth. “The call is automatically routed through the Wi-Fi hotspot from the circuit switch to the IP network, while the subscribers use their Android native interface to make calls or send text messages. To avoid disconnection, CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling seamlessly switches the user between cellular and Wi-Fi if needed.”

CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling benefits both carriers and subscribers: In areas with no cellular coverage, carriers now have a seamless solution rather than installing expensive Femtocells, supporting customers’ needs in both voice and data, and customers enjoy first class service. Roamers enjoy low cost or free calls, using seamlessly available Wi-Fi networks, and they pay their mobile operator only for an expanded data package when they are abroad.

A sophisticated algorithm inspects IP quality and Wi-Fi signal quality prior to call initiation. The provisioning server enables the carrier rules enforcement, billing and charging, and ONM (Operation Network Management) activities. CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling is fully integrated with the operator’s BSS (Business Support System), IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) or softswitch, and is fully secured. Regulatory features are built into the solution.

CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling is fully RCS-compliant, allowing the carrier advanced marketing capabilities. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a GSM Association (GSMA) platform (marketed under the brand name joyn™) enabling the delivery of communication experiences beyond voice and SMS, providing consumers with instant messaging or chat, live video and file sharing – across devices, on any network.