Calix Updates its Cloud Platform to Enable CSPs Improve Subscriber Experience

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Calix, Inc. has announced enhancements to the Calix Cloud platform that increase communications service providers’ (CSPs) ability to access critical insights to improve performance and differentiate the subscriber experience.

Calix Support Cloud (CSC), which is already helping CSPs to reduce truck rolls by an impressive 30 percent, has added customer care KPI tracking to further improve support center operations. CSC has also upgraded support for CAF Performance Testing, allowing CSPs to run their own Ookla test servers.

In addition to improving its Churn Prediction machine learning algorithm, helping one innovative CSP realize a 23 percent growth in revenue, Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) has added role-based access control to ensure the right teams are tapping into the insights they need to capture even more opportunity. Finally, Calix Customer Success Services and Education Services have been updated to support these enhancements.

This latest release of Calix Cloud includes the following exciting updates:

• Customer Care KPI tracking for Calix Support Cloud: allows CSPs to easily track and analyze the effectiveness of how their support center operations are solving subscribers’ most pressing issues.
• Role-based Access Control for Calix Marketing Cloud: enables CSPs to extend subscriber insights access to other departments or external agencies based on user rights to improve campaign performance.

For CSC, the new Customer Care KPI tracking system delivers the built-in ability to log call outcomes. It provides increased intelligence while eliminating the need for an expensive ticketing system. This dramatically improves the tracking and analysis of support center operations, all without having to correlate information from different systems and spreadsheets. The new functionality is yet another enhancement in a long list of innovations, including last year’s well received launch of CSC’s Network Self-Heal. This capability enables CSPs to proactively identify subscriber needs and automatically address Wi-Fi network performance issues before they turn into trouble tickets.

“As Pioneer constantly works to improve our customers’ in-home experience with our broadband and Wi-Fi services, it is critical that our support teams have the best tools available,” said Randy Mowdy, division manager of Internet/DTV/Telco customer care and dispatch, assignment, repair and test for Oklahoma-based Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. “With this new Calix Support Cloud Call Outcome feature, we will be able to track critical KPIs that are pertinent to our customers’ experience. The KPI detail level at which we will be able to track is more robust than systems we have used in the past, and the reporting feature is also something we look forward to using.”

The CMC upgrades are critical to CSPs who need to deliver insights to internal and external teams strategically – especially as platform algorithms like Churn Prediction continue to improve and produce more refined and actionable insights. The addition of role-based access control enables CSPs to set parameters and select which teams receive which data.

To accelerate the time-to-value for all Calix Cloud deployments, Calix Customer Success Services ensures service providers are getting the most out of their Cloud investments by proactively partnering to define success goals and continuously align people, processes and systems to meet them. In addition, Calix Education Services has updated both the CMC and CSC courses, and has included those in new foundational learning paths that come with proficiency testing and achievement badging targeted towards marketing and support services teams.

“Customer care organizations of all sizes need to effectively track and assess KPIs, but historically it has meant expensive systems or tedious worksheets,” said Shane Eleniak, SVP of platforms for Calix. “Calix has listened closely to our customer needs and this is just one example of how we are finding ways to continuously augment our Cloud solution capabilities. These upgrades ensure that our customers receive the actionable insights they need to delight their subscribers and keep their businesses running at maximum efficiency.”