Calix Enhances Remote Monitoring Service to Enable Better Control, Management for CSPs


Calix, Inc. has announced enhancements to the Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) that improve ease of use while increasing control and management, matching communications service provider (CSP) operating environments and workflows.

Now integrated with the Calix Service Center, the new RMS features enable CSPs to manage team notifications, prepare for maintenance windows with selective suppression of incident notifications, and self-manage high value accounts.

This release also includes updates to the Analytics and Reporting Portal, which will now display incident notifications involving high value subscribers and isolate the information impacted. The Analytics and Reporting Portal will provide quick links to alarm and resolution information for relevant notifications and will feature easy-to-understand alarm tip descriptions.

The cloud-based RMS monitors access networks 24×7, improving visibility and delivering analytics that enable CSPs to rapidly solve network problems that can impact the subscriber experience. RMS automatically filters extraneous alarms while correlating viable ones to help reduce the average time to resolve incidents by up to 90 percent and decrease the number of incidents operations teams must analyze by up to 83 percent.

Enhancements to the service include:

•Centralized control of RMS management functions and access to the Analytics and Reporting Portal in the Calix Service Center
•Customized notification criteria, enabling CSPs to distribute incidents to specific teams based on technology or location
•Self-selection and management of high value accounts within the Calix Service Center which will be displayed on incident notifications to help prioritize and accelerate resolution
•Enhanced Analytics and Reporting Portal that provides user friendly alarm tool tips and links to historical incident notification information.

“The new management features will help us better integrate the Remote Monitoring Service in our operational environment, and having one central location for managing notifications and scheduling maintenance windows is a massive benefit,” said Stephen Jones, network manager for Ballard Telephone Cooperative (BTC). “The most important thing is ensuring our members are satisfied with our service, so it is imperative that we avoid issues resulting in down time and intermittent service interruptions. Sending out trucks is expensive—both from a resource and a staffing standpoint—so a few network issues can get us behind quickly. Having these tools in place will enable us to address network issues from the data center, understand why customers are having those problems in certain areas, and save us from having to go out multiple times.”

The Western Kentucky-based cooperative was founded more than 60 years ago to provide reliable communications services to rural communities and continues to be vital to their economic viability today. As it constantly evolves its array of communications services, providing the best possible experience for its members is important.

“Being proactive is absolutely paramount to managing a network, and the Calix Remote Monitoring Service continues to deliver that capability for communications service providers,” said Martha Galley, vice president of customer engagement for Calix. “BTC’s focus on its members is at the core of its mission, and Calix Managed Services is key to ensuring they can address network issues before they impact the member experience. The Calix Managed Services team exists to support service providers like BTC who are looking to maximize resources while placing a premium on efficiency in delivering best of breed services. With the right tools in place, these service providers can keep their subscribers happy and continue to grow their businesses.”

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