BT taps Nokia to drive 5G monetization through telco APIs

EE and BT

Nokia and BT Group announced an agreement to develop new 5G network monetization opportunities through Nokia’s Network as Code platform with developer portal (platform) and BT Group’s cloud-native network.

BT Group, which operates EE – the UK’s best mobile network – is, like other communications service providers, looking to Nokia’s growing ecosystem of developer partners to gain access to simplified network capabilities in the form of software code that can be built into applications for enterprise, industrial, and consumer use cases.

The Nokia platform helps operators monetize their 5G network assets beyond pure connectivity. It provides application developers with tools such as Software Development Kits (SDK) and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which give developers access to deep network functionality and data that enables them to build new use cases for their customers.

BT Group

Through their agreement, Nokia and BT Group will make those tools available to developers so they can utilize BT Group’s network features, write new use cases, and create new value for EE customers.

Nokia has announced a similar agreement with DISH Wireless.

The platform was launched in September following many months of close collaboration with developers and operators. It is based on a revenue share model between developers, operators, and Nokia as the platform provider.

Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services, at Nokia, said: “I am very pleased that Nokia and BT Group are strengthening our long-standing partnership through Nokia’s Network as Code platform. Through its strong API Developer portal work, BT Group has been an important driver of helping the industry understand the multiple benefits of opening telecom networks to application developers. This agreement will enhance our joint work with developers and create new opportunities for extracting value from BT Group’s network assets.”

Reza Rahnama, Managing Director, Mobile Networks at BT Group, said: “5G-era networks are fundamentally software-based and rich in capabilities – such as improving network quality on demand – that can really make a difference to enterprises and consumers in ways that were not possible years ago. We are excited to work with Nokia and its new platform to help us better tap into those capabilities that we have been aggressively building into our 5G network.”