BT, EE combine to unveil BT Halo 3+ for home wi-fi

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BT has unveiled BT Halo 3+, the latest innovation in BT’s convergence story, offering the UK’s only unbreakable wi-fi connection for the home backed up by the award-winning EE mobile network. BT Halo 3+ redefines home broadband reliability.

The requirement for a reliable home broadband connection has never been greater. In the last 12 months, BT’s consumer broadband network has seen an increase of over 60% in download traffic, as people turn to their broadband for home working, home schooling and entertainment – often at the same time. Independent research shows that 76% of UK consumers now value broadband reliability over speed and extra features.

BT and EE provide the most reliable home broadband services in the UK and the number one most reliable mobile network*. With the new BT Halo 3+ package, customers will be able to experience the best of both in the first true example of convergence with the introduction of a UK first – the Hybrid Connect home device.

Customers signing up for BT Halo 3+ will enjoy the very best of BT, with a wide range of features available including:

Hybrid Connect, BT’s game-changing hybrid device

Smart Hub 2, including wi-fi Controls to help families manage screen time

Complete Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity in every room

Full Fibre upgrade at no extra cost

BT’s Home Tech Experts offering in-home wi-fi support

BT’s Price Promise, with no end of contract price rises

BT Mobile and EE mobile benefits

Hybrid Connect, A UK first for game-changing reliability

BT’s new Hybrid Connect device works with the Smart Hub 2 to automatically connect to the EE mobile network for back up if required. Hybrid Connect also works with BT Complete Wi-Fi, so whether connected to broadband or the EE network, customers will continue to receive a signal in those hard-to-reach places in the home. When the broadband connection is restored, it will automatically defer back to the fixed connection, minimising any interruption to internet use.

Not only is Hybrid Connect always on, it’s also perfect when switching to BT, providing instant connectivity for new customers while they wait for their fixed line broadband to be activated. The Hybrid Connect device is sent out the same day when it is ordered by 3pm, with 24-hour delivery. Its instant connectivity makes it perfectly suited for fast internet access when moving to a new home.

Futureproof your home

BT Halo 3+ customers will enjoy access to the very latest technology from BT. The BT Halo 3+ package includes an upgrade to Full Fibre, the UK’s most reliable broadband technology. With a Full Fibre connection, homes are future-proofed with superfast internet speeds, so customers can connect more devices and innovative technologies without worrying about the internet. If the service is not yet available in a customer’s area, BT promises to upgrade them as soon as it is.

With BT Halo 3+ customers also get BT Complete Wi-Fi giving them a reliable wi-fi signal in every room or £100 back. Whether connected to broadband or the EE network, customers still get a signal in those hard-to-reach places. From basement office to attic bedroom, BT makes sure that everyone in the home can always do what they want, where they want to do it.

The UK’s best customer service

Only BT has Home Tech Experts to give customers friendly, expert support at home. All BT Halo 3+ customers can book in a 2-hour slot, 7 days a week, for wi-fi help at no extra cost. Simply give customer support a call and a Home Tech Expert will be round whenever needed – whether that’s to set up a new service or to fix a problem.

Home Tech Experts will also come round once a year to make sure the customer’s wi-fi is working perfectly for their specific needs at no extra cost.

BT Halo 3+ customers will also be supported by BT’s dedicated UK and Ireland customer service teams whenever they need to speak to someone on the phone.

BT Halo 3+ – More from your Mobile

With BT Halo 3+, all BT Mobile customers within a BT Halo household will benefit from a double data boost free of charge. Additional great offers and benefits are available for those who take an EE mobile, including six-months half price on a new EE Mobile Smart plan at launch, with further offers enabling customers to get the best of BT and the best EE over time.

Christian Thrane, Managing Director of Marketing BT Consumer said, “With BT Halo 3+, we’re launching an innovative new category of home broadband that’s truly a first of its kind in the UK. We are combining the best fibre home broadband and wi-fi technology, backed up with our award-winning EE mobile network to become the only UK provider that offers customers an unbreakable wi-fi connection in the home.

“BT Halo 3+ offers a super reliable service with the best connectivity for all corners of the home, giving the whole family peace of mind they can work, homeschool or keep in touch with friends and family without interruptions.”

BT Halo 3+ & BT Halo 3 – Pricing and Availability

BT Halo 3+ will be available nationwide from 5th February, to new customers from £65.99 per month. Existing BT customers will receive the best deals on BT Halo 3+ and can contact BT to discuss their options.

BT Halo 3+ customers also benefit from the BT Halo Price Promise with no out of contract price rises – and they’ll never pay more than a new customer for their service.

Customers can also choose the standard BT Halo 3 package. BT Halo 3 comes with:

Keep Connected Promise, where a customer will be sent a BT Mini Hub to keep them online if they’re moving home or have any broadband issues, and will automatically receive unlimited mobile data on all of their BT mobile plans

Inclusive access to Home Tech Experts

The BT Halo Price Promise

Hybrid Connect is available as an add-on for new and existing BT broadband customers, costing £7 per month. Similarly, Complete Wi-Fi can be added to existing broadband plans for £10 per month.